About TOKO

What is TOKO?

TOKO is Aotearoa’s first ever people powered petition platform. It’s for you to use to make the change you want to see in the world. TOKO enables you to launch, run and deliver your own campaign on just about anything, with all the technology you need at your fingertips.

TOKO is people power: It’s participation, and it’s flax-roots community action. In Māori, Toko means to have feelings and emotions spring up in your mind, to grow and to start moving. TOKO also forms part of the word 'Tautoko' which means to agree, support, or advocate. The ‘o’ in “Toko” is pronounced like the ‘o’ in “or” so the correct way to say it is “tore-core” not “toe-coe”

Everyone has the power to make change. To create a more just, fair and sustainable society. So, if you want change, TOKO is a good place to begin!

Although TOKO is hosted by Greenpeace NZ, any campaigns that take place on TOKO are not run or endorsed by Greenpeace NZ.

How is TOKO funded?

TOKO is funded by Greenpeace. Greenpeace receives no corporate or government funding and is not affiliated with any political party. The entire organisation is run thanks to donations by individuals like you. Greenpeace is a non-profit organisation, with a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

We have built Toko because we know that there are many people with ideas who want to campaign for change, and we offer this platform to help you make the change you want to see. We have similar platforms in India and Argentina, and there are more on the way around the globe.

If it's on this website does that mean Greenpeace endorses or agrees with my campaign?

While Greenpeace has created this platform for you to use, campaigns here are not run or necessarily endorsed by Greenpeace.

Who can run a campaign?

Anyone who wants to create a more fair, just and sustainable world can start a campaign. All you need to do is click 'start a campaign' on the top right hand side of the page.

What can I campaign on?

What have you noticed that needs fixing? Where do you see an opportunity for positive change?

When starting a campaign, the most important step is to get the ball rolling. You don't need to have everything 100% planned or be an expert to launch a campaign. You do need to have some basic facts right and be passionate about an issue and willing to learn new things and adapt along the way. And we’re here to help..

What can't I campaign on?

TOKO is a platform for people to use to create a more fair, just and sustainable world. So if your campaign has this overall goal in mind and it is not defamatory, discriminatory, illegal, promoting or inciting violence, or affiliated with a political party then it’s good to go. We want to help you make your campaign reach its full potential before it goes live, so we’ll be in touch early-on and will work with you to craft your awesome campaign!

We do reserve the right to use our judgment and take something down if it crosses a line of common decency, so please do take responsibility for your campaign.

Can I contact people who sign my petition?

This depends on the status of your campaign. You will not have direct access to their contact details but you may be able to email them en masse through the manage page. You will receive a link to this page when you start your campaign.

What if I have a complaint about some of the content on this site?

If you have a complaint about any content posted on Toko you should notify us at toko.nz@greenpeace.org. Once your complaint is received, we will forward the complaint to the author of the content within 48 hours of receiving your complaint. The author of the content will have a right to submit a counter notice to us within 48 hours. If no counter notice is received within the 48 hours provided (or the author consents to the removal of the content), we will remove or disable the content as soon as is practicable. If a valid counter notice is received in which the author refuses to consent to removal, we will: (i) leave the content up; (ii) notify you as the complainant; and (iii) if the author consents, provide the complainant with personal information that identifies the author.

What is your privacy policy?

These things take up a lot of space, so please read our privacy policy. If you have further questions please email toko.nz@greenpeace.org

Who controls the data on the site?

While you may be able to email your supporters through the website, privacy laws prevent us from sharing your supporters' email addresses with you. The data collected on and through the site will remain the property of Greenpeace New Zealand and as per our privacy policy, we won’t sell or misuse this information.

Besides starting a petition, what else can I do in my campaign?

On TOKO you can start a petition, share it with your network and sometimes communicate further with your supporters via email. TOKO also helps you take your campaign to the street. For instance, you can download a blank copy of your petition, collect signatures in person and then enter your data easily into the system. You can also download a finished copy of your petition to print and deliver to the campaign’s target. You can access all of these features from the ‘manage’ page.

Can I cancel my petition?

Yes. When you first created your petition, you received an email from toko.nz@greenpeace.org with the link to manage your petition. Go to 'manage' and click on the 'hide' button. Your petition will now no longer be visible to the public.

How can I make my campaign better?

There are loads of different tactics that can help make a campaign more effective! Greenpeace New Zealand has a dedicated member of staff who will contact you and help you improve your campaign.

How will signing petitions make a difference?

Petitions are a useful snapshot of the level of public support for an issue and provide a list of people who share a common commitment or concern. They don't always need a big number to make a big impact - think about a local issue where a petition of 20 neighbours on one street would require someone to sit up and take notice.

Petitions can be the catalyst for conversations that change how people think. It's most effective when you make a point of delivering your petition to your target in a personal, high-profile or creative way, explaining why supporters feel the way they do. But you probably won't have much impact if you just start a petition and then walk away. You’ll need time, commitment and passion for your campaign if it is going to be a success.

Sometimes petitions alone can win a campaign but more often you will get better results with a variety of tactics of which petitioning is just one.

I no longer wish to receive updates on a campaign I signed up to. How do I unsubscribe?

It's sad to see you go, but you can unsubscribe by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link in the email.

I have an idea for how this website would work better. How do I tell you?

If you have any feedback please write to us at toko.nz@greenpeace.org and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.