• Petition for a new Law to STOP the government from giving away our democratic power Forever!
    We the petitioners assert that in a democracy the government cannot sign away our sovereignty that is a contradiction of the very basis for their power, Democracy! Currently there exists the distinct likelihood of politicians against our wishes permanently and forevermore (they intend) giving away to international parties all or much of our ability to self govern, our sovereignty, or to continue as a democracy except in name only. It is illegitimate and abhorrent to democracy for a democratic, limited-term government to sign any anti-democratic agreement to -FOREVER- irrevocably circumvent democracy! Or even to grant a term exceeding theirs. However we need the government to get this message in no uncertain terms and make it a fundamental document of our Democracy! That there must be the ability to exit any agreement (except in the next clause) if the public protests it or if the government believes it should be exited in our best interests either immediately or at worst when the government that signed is voted out. Reluctantly if an agreement (or law) must be binding for a time, the people must agree by voting in a referendum to an agreement with no details withheld that cannot be exited for any period, and that period must not exceed a generation and win at least a 60% Majority to pass although a higher minimum could be set. Ideally even if an agreement seeks to exist for minimum term it is better that there be a valid escape even it it must be financially costly though not actually prohibitive. And that even if 100% of the current population agrees to it, no agreement should ever be binding on all future generations, the limit should be at maximum when most everyone who agreed has (or would have under a natural life span) died of old age if not before. There is no need that exists in our interest for our Government to make any agreement that exists forever without the possibility of ever getting out of it. Except in the event of a military surrender by an invading force. Indeed even many/most countries that have lost to an invading force later regain sovereignty. A Democratic Government cannot be anti-Democratic and still be either Democratic or even be the Government unless it is a Coup d'etat, setting it's self at war with the Democracy of New Zealand an action by force that must be met by necessary force by our uncorrupted Military, Police, Public and Politicians and which is defined in New Zealand law as Treason as it would be an act by force not power! Something you are lured into but can't ever get out of and kept ignorant of the details of is called a trap! If you are a Lawyer please help write a more legally sound draft and offer your opinion. If you know how to get a law passed or an article added to our constitution please help! If you can bring this to sympathetic members of political parties, ones that oppose the TPPA as it stands please do so. Hey, I just got to tick every category because the TPP or an agreement like it could negatively impact our ability to have any law passed on Animal Rights, Forrest, Oceans and water, Climate Change, Health and Safety, Peace and Disarmament, Equality, Human Rights, and Toxics (pollution, toxics products etc.) and much more. Addition: Any agreement that conflicts with the above would be invalid however that might have occurred. Including even probably already established agreements as a consequence of it being knowingly a democracy when any such democratically incompatible agreement was signed. Exemption would be given to any preexisting agreement that the public and government agreed was not onerous for as long as that remains the case. Save our Democracy from Illegal circumvention, don't give in to naysaying disempowering thoughts. This is in the interest of everyone you share it with, if the person is offline we can accept physical signatures also! Join the Facebook group to make this go Viral! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZDemocracy/ Answer a single question poll of what kind of LEGITIMATE power you think Democratic Government has (when I asked in person I got lots of silly questions so I have been very specific). https://aether22.typeform.com/to/lgdbIz Also sign the Second MORE POWERFUL Petition HERE: https://community.sumofus.org/petitions/tell-labour-greens-nz-first-they-must-announce-voiding-the-tpp-when-they-get-in
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  • Save the Ponsonby Road magnolia trees
    We must look after and protect our precious mature trees whatever they are. The local community must be consulted before any of these trees, particularly Notable trees, are destroyed because of the direct affect they have on our local air quality. The two Notable Magnolia Trees on Ponsonby Road represent an urgent need to change our behaviour towards more tree-friendly design. Building for the future must include retaining the best of the character of Ponsonby Road and doing the best we can for future generations. Sign the petition to help save the trees and ask the Owners and Auckland Council not to de-list these Notable Trees. Summary: These Listed trees do not meet 'current' Notable Tree criteria but the Owners reasons for wanting to de-list them are not in the public interest. The Owners want to re-develop the site and cut down the trees because planning requires them to put an awning across the pavement which cannot be done, they claim, if the trees remain. Is this really a good enough reason to destroy two mature, historic Notable trees that are part of the character of Ponsonby Road, are net oxygen producers and managing our local biosphere ? A clever designer could design around the trees to ensure their survival and produce a tree sensitive building that would enhance the character of Ponsonby Road rather than turn it into another shopping precinct like any other. We need to be making the effort to think outside the box to do this throughout Auckland why not start in Ponsonby? There is precedence for this on Ponsonby Road near Bhana Bros shop, the awning has been built around a tree and near Shanghai Lil's there is another. We have precedents let's build on that and encourage and require more tree-friendly design in Auckland. Facts: The true import of the loss of Auckland's Urban Forest which is currently under threat from property development is as follows: 1. De-listing, cutting down and destroying Auckland’s Urban Forest is detrimentally changing the character and environment of Auckland. 2. 60% of Auckland's Urban Forest is on private land. These trees contribute hugely to cleaning the air of Auckland, managing storm water, sequestering carbon, and, producing oxygen which we breathe. Sadly, Auckland Council have done an Air Quality Report completely ignoring the part played by Auckland's Urban Forest in managing the Air Quality of Auckland. This is a life threatening omission. 3. When the Earth was formed the atmosphere was full of poisonous gasses. Plants through their evolution and processes cleaned the biosphere, sequestering the poisons into the soils creating an environment where animals and humans could live. The mature leafy trees are the large oxygen producers. They manage the biosphere both locally and for the Earth. All mature oxygen producing trees are connected to biosphere management of the Earth. 4. We have destroyed 80% of the Earth's Ancient Forests replacing them with low oxygen, high carbon producing activities. The Oceans, where most of our oxygen is produced, are becoming dead. UN estimates there are 150 Dead areas in the Oceans which are directly related to Our pollution. The plant phytoplankton (oxygen producers) in our Oceans are being reduced by our activities. 5. There are fewer and fewer oxygen producers and our Urban Forest is becoming vital to the future survival of our species. 6. The oxygen contained in our air is 19-20% and reducing yearly. Before the Industrial Revolution it used to be much more. We cannot live on Earth if the amount of oxygen in our air falls below 7%. Already in some parts of the Earth there are cities with oxygen levels of 14-15%. 7. When we burn fossil fuels and create carbon dioxide we sequester 2 x oxygen molecules for every 1 x of carbon produced. These oxygen molecules can only be released by being taken up by an oxygen producing plant. 8. Humans need trees which is why we instinctively know it is wrong to cut them down. We need the oxygen they produce, they use the carbon we produce, we are physically connected. To continue to ignore this FACT, as we are doing, is to steal the future from our children and destroy our Home.
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  • Convince Coca-Cola to spend their $3 billion dollar advertising budget on saving the rainforests
    Mass deforestation and devastating climate change threatens survival of all the species, including us. The facts: - Next 5 years are critical. 80-90% of tropical rainforest systems will be destroyed by 2020. ( Source: http://www.custommade.com/l/deforestation/ ) - Rainforests regulate the Earth’s climate, storing 1 trillion tonnes of carbon. That is twice the amount than in the atmosphere. ( Source: http://newsroom.unfccc.int/ ) - We have lost the equivalent of 50 football pitches of rainforest every minute since 2000. ( Source: www.theguardian.com ) - Every year we lose 7.3 million hectares (50 football pitches every minute) of forest. ( Source: www.inhabitat.com ) - In 1950, 15% of the Earth’s land was covered by rainforests. Today (2015) only 6% are covered. ( Source: www.inhabitat.com ) This is a simple idea to show how one of the biggest global brands could connect with its roots to tackle one of the biggest global problems. The video explains how this campaign will boost Coke’s global brand equity, turn passive consumers into loyal followers, increase marketing reach (and help save the world).
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  • #SaveOurFallenKauri: Stop The Illegal Trade of Swamp Kauri and Save Our Wetlands
    Ancient Kauri is being ripped out from our native Northland wetlands. Northland Environmental Protection Society has identified a rare native orchid where the majority of the world’s population was wiped out last year by swamp kauri mining. Evidence of illegal or at the least dubious trade has been exposed. The Ministry for Primary Industries and Customs have no record of this massive swamp kauri log being exported to Shanghai. Why? Overseas websites sell slabs and logs of ancient swamp kauri when this is only country that should be selling locally made swamp kauri products. We all know a rough sawn slab in China is not a finished table. We need to save wetlands and local jobs. So right now we need a moratorium on all swamp kauri mining and exports until the whole mess is investigated and sorted out and laws adhered to with illegal swamp kauri to be impounded. We need your help. Please sign our petition and tell central Government to #SaveOurFallenKauri
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  • Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time
    Because New Zealanders are fed up with having their news diet dictated to them by an elite group of bankers, posers and pretenders. It is time for us to take direct action to try to get news media of the kind we need. Because the board and management of Mediaworks who conceitedly made this decision, against all rationality, on the basis of prejudice and hubris need to have the fact that they made a huge mistake pointed out to them in style. Because it is right that we show John Campbell, who has done so much for so many, how much we care.
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    Recently glyphosate was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Class 2A carcinogen, meaning, it probably causes cancer. (1) Glyphosate is the world's most commonly sprayed weedkiller and is the active ingredient in RoundUp (2) It is a product most Council contractors use in keeping both urban and rural public areas weed free. With cancer the leading cause of death in New Zealand, accounting for 29.4% of all deaths (3), it is important we protect the public, particularly children, from exposure to this chemical. The damning conclusion by the world's leading health experts means that the Council needs to take responsibility for protecting our health and making our beautiful district healthy and safe for all by completely stopping the use of glyphosate. The public spraying of this carcinogenic chemical is a violation of our human rights. We have already requested the Rangitikei District Council consider a chemical free alternative, however they've declined, based on their own report that failed to look at the proven cost effectiveness of hot water and foam treatment which is almost equal in cost to chemical spraying. In 2009 French Professor Séralini's two year study on glyphosate found it produced large cancerous tumours in rats (4). Because its effects are cumulative and not immediate (that is they only show up over a long period of time) people generally think it is safe. Dr. Don Huber, an award-winning, international scientist, microbiologist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University (US) who has 55+ years experience in research and expertise in the area of plant pathology, says that contrary to the common claim of safety, a large volume of peer-reviewed scientific information clearly demonstrates that Roundup herbicide is chronically toxic to human and animal tissues and leads to cancer, premature death, kidney and liver failure, blood disorders and a host of other diseases (5). Dr Huber considers glyphosate is worse than DDT (6), and that there's also a correlation between glyphosate use & bee die off (7). Our environment has long been subject to frequent spraying of this toxic chemical. In 2009 France's highest Court ruled that Roundup (active ingredient glyphosate) is not biodegradable nor does it "keep the soil clean" as Monsanto had previously advertised. (8) It has now also been found present in human blood, urine and breast milk. (7) Help us make public areas in our Rangitikei towns both glyphosate and chemical free now. [1] and [2] http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/04/150422-glyphosate-roundup-herbicide-weeds/ [3] http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/cancer-new-registrations-and-deaths-2011 [4] http://www.gmoseralini.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/GES-final-study-19.9.121.pdf (5) http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/roundup-herbicide-most-toxic-chemical-environment [6] http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/01/15/dr-don-huber-interview-part-2.aspx [7] http://www.gmoevidence.com/dr-huber-glyphosate-and-bee-colony-collapse-disorder-ccd/ [8] http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8308903.stm
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  • Save Graham's Bush
    Individuals, like Graham, who have been protecting the bush for years (and were paid subsidies by city councils to do this) are now finding out that their land is to be forceably taken from them, and their precious bush destroyed. The proposed route will bisect the water catchment that feeds Totara Park. There is already evidence that existing roading has damaged gullies of native bush in the area - this proposal would have a much greater negative impact. Grahams Bush is one of many on the proposed highway route. It has a number of significant trees and it is a site of ecological importance. Graham unfortunately died trying to save this bush last year during this fight. We want to honour his legacy and are are tired of Auckland Transport saying this is the 'cheapest' route. We say it is the most expensive - ecologically expensive and ridiculously planned in a way that makes no sense in the 21st century. Sign our petition to send a message that says NO to the proposed route and YES to being heard. If you want to read some ideas on alternatives please visit the site of GenZero or Auckland Transport Bloggers - they have suggested some excellent alternatives to fix Auckland's Transport Problems and for a lot less cost! For example: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1503/S00036/launch-of-essential-transport-budget-generation-zero.htm
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  • TPPA Petition to the Bay of Plenty Councils
    The mainstream media of New Zealand are not informing our public of the dire consequences of this 'so-called' trade agreement, or questioning why it is being negotiated secretly in collaboration with foreign corporate investors. So it falls upon us to inform our communities, to pressure our government for full disclosure, and to insist upon our democratic right to decide if this Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will be the signing away of our future. Based upon the latest Wikileaks documents, we understand that signing the TPPA in it's current form will open New Zealand up to the following: * Foreign investors dictating our domestic laws * Inflated pricing of patented medicines * Weak or non-existent GMO food labelling * Overriding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi * Pushing more of our kiwi jobs overseas * Undermining our environmental protections * Unfettered mining, drilling and fracking * Escalation of our national financial crises * Irreversible sellouts of more kiwi assets * Voidance of our “buy kiwi made” policy * Erosion of privacy and internet freedoms * Corporate takeover of our Kiwi way of life We stand united with our communities against the signing away of our future and call upon our local councils to stand united with us!
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  • Save the Paturoa Kauri
    At a time when our forest is losing Kauri trees to Kauri dieback disease, we need to do all we can to save the healthy trees to protect this endemic species. I am not anti-development, however, the developer could move the intended building and protect these trees. The RMA was never designed to allow developers to be able to destroy trees that have significant ecological value. The RMA legislation has loopholes that will destroy our forests if change does not happen.
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  • Earth Friends
    Right now we do not have a critical mass to make change for our planet. If we can bring awareness to our youth as well as our adults in a way that is non-threatening, I feel, change can occur. An animated movie has the ability to reach millions of people to help educate the masses. We need a "Blackfish" effect to make change on how we treat this planet. Earth Friends can be that stepping stone. By signing this, you are becoming a part of the critical mass for change Earth Friends is a gentle yet wondrous story that tells the tale of Cara, a disillusioned and somewhat lonely child. Finding no one to play with, one day Cara is visited by a special friend.The Wind tells Cara to go outside and here she will meet all the friends she desires, friends for life. In a series of imaginative adventures Cara learns about our planet, our heritage and the true meaning of friendship.
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  • Freedom Camping rental levy
    Most of the rental vehicles used by tourists do not have toilet facilities. Those that do are often dumped inappropriately. The rental companies are profiting greatly and take no responsibility for the problem. The tourists are our guests so it is right for the facilities to be provided. Approx 1.7million nights per annum are spent in rental vehicles/campers. All I ask is that the companies which profit, collect the levy and pass it on to DOC or a suitable organisation. The facilities will create employment and enhance the experience of NZ for all visitors.
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  • Get GDC to Adopt this Resolution to Protect Gisborne from the TPPA
    As our elected Council, GDC needs to address the TPP and its effects on our community. This resolution will ensure they voice their willingness to protect us as much as they can. Other major NZ cities have adopted these resolutions and Gisborne should be next. Cities include Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin among others. Adopt this resolution. Protect our Gisborne community.
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