• Halt seismic testing of Taranaki moana
    Mass public opposition inspired the courage and mandate for our government to declare a nuclear free Aotearoa/New Zealand. We stopped nuclear warships despite huge odds, and declared our nation Nuclear Free, it’s now time to stop the Amazon Warrior. Now it is time to declare Aotearoa Seas Oil Free. We, the people of the lands and seas of the West Coast, invite all of our relations, along with everyone in Aotearoa and across the globe who care about our oceans, and our future to sign in support. Join us, he mokopuna o Te Kāhui Mounga, Te Kāhui Rere, Te Kāhui Tara Te Kāhui o Rauru Te Korowai o Ngaaruahine Te Kotahitanga o Te Ati Awa Poutama Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki Taranaki Māori Womens Network Ngatiawa ki Taranaki Trust Manukorihi Hapu Inc. Society Te Hapū o Waipapa Marae Ngaa Ariki Friends of the Waitara River Te Kāhui o Taranaki Taipakee Marae Ngaaruahine Iwi Authority Te Ahuru Marae Waiopapa Marae Ngāti Rakei o Kamate Ngāti Wai Te Kawau
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  • Waitakere ranges
    The manufactures of this chemical will not admit to its possible carcingenic impact on humans, flora and fauna. Why risk our long term future health for the sake of Monsantos multi billion dollar short term revenue gain.
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  • Support Xenotransplantation in New Zealand
    New Zealand could become the world-leaders for this treatment but it requires more government funding for this to go ahead. An investment in this treatment will not only benefit thousands of people worldwide and have potential long term savings, but it will also offer thousands of high-skilled jobs for university graduates, and other New Zealanders who are keen to be part of the technology of the future. Tourists would be able to travel to New Zealand for this treatment, which would help our economy and increase profits for business owners. We ask David Cunliffe, Minister of Health to further the conversation with Parliament that would allow funding into Xenotransplantation to occur. If this were to happen, thousands of type 1 diabetics would live a safer life with more normal blood glucose levels, and not have to be worried about dying in their sleep due to hypoglycemia (lack of sugar). New Zealand's employment and economy would improve, and we would earn the reputation for being the world's leading country in transplantation. Help support the future of science and sign the petition today
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  • 支持新西兰华人父母团聚探亲类签证的请愿 Supporting Long-term Parent Visa
    “他肥胖的身子向左微倾,显出努力的样子。这时我看见他的背影,我的泪很快地流下来了。我赶紧拭干了泪,怕他看见,也怕别人看见。” 朱自清的《背影》,海外的游子们都深有感触。自从父母团聚移民被暂停关闭之后,一些年轻的移民家庭,就面临着与至亲分隔两地的困境。 不知道是哪里来的数据表明,亚裔移民的父母,占用了新西兰大量的社会资源和公共福利。所以,他们说父母团聚移民只给新西兰社会带来负担,没有贡献,所以应该被暂停。 家庭,是华人生活的核心。四世同堂的天伦之乐,是中国人津津乐道的一种幸福。父母是我们的核心家庭成员,不是可有可无的一部分。我们只是想让父母在我们身边呆得久一点,多陪陪他们说说话,带他们到处去走走看看。我们有能力也愿意负担父母的生活和养老开支。 家庭,是华人社会的根基。华人移民们辛勤工作,任劳任怨,承担起了新西兰社会中大量基础而重要的工作。然而,移民对新西兰社会做出的贡献,不仅仅是经济上的。华人移民也是新西兰多元文化社会的重要支柱。试想如果没有华人移民,新西兰人如何能享受到蓬勃发展的对华关系,各种中餐美食,春节和元宵灯会的欢声笑语,还有各地中国花园的美景。 当前的游客签证,一次最多只能让父母呆六个月的时间。这让很多华人家庭,无法在心理上满足家庭团聚的向往。如果能够让华人移民的父母在这里长期居住,又不给新西兰的福利体系带来额外的负担,不仅可以让华人家庭充满欢声笑语,让新西兰的多元文化有更为稳定的社会基础,还能给新西兰经济带来很大的消费力。何乐而不为呢? 更何况,加拿大、澳大利亚和美国,都有专门面向移民父母的长期探亲签证。新西兰不妨参考一下其他国家的操作,开放父母访问的长期签证。天维菌通过独家民意调查发现绝大多数华人都支持一下两种父母团聚方式。天维菌发起这个网上请愿,让更多人听到华人移民的心声。 一、重启父母团聚移民。重启父母团聚移民普通类签证,让父母获得新西兰的永久居民权,但在申请时需要提供已经购买的医疗保险和养老保险证明。居民权需要在购买保险的前提下生效,不享受退休金福利。 二、开放父母长期访问签证。有效期5-10年,多次往返,单次最长停留时间为1-2年。由其自己或子女负担父母在新西兰期间的生活和医疗等支出。 新西兰社会应该欢迎我们的父母,而不是他们视为负担和麻烦。让我们共同努力,为华人父母争取他们应有的权利。 It is undoubted that migrants made huge contribution to New Zealand society. They formed the root of our multiculturalism and diversity. Also, they have always played an essential part of business, cultural and political success in New Zealand. Thus, parents should be highly recognized for their contribution to the family and support to our endeavors. However, the Immigration Minister has announced a two-year halt of the Parent Resident Visa category, which has put many new migrants’ families into a difficult situation. Staying with family members, spending time with children and grandchildren is not only a dream of many Chinese parents, but a long last tradition shared by most Chinese families. But the current visitor visa only allows the parents to stay up to 9 months, which cannot meet the wish of parents to stay longer with their children. If the parents of Chinese migrants can stay in NZ for a longer period of time than the current visitor visa allows, it would bring more happiness to the Chinese families. This movement will not only form a more stable social foundation of our multicultural society, but also contribute to the NZ economy. It would be a win-win solution.
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  • Oppose the renewal of the liquor licence for the Kaiti TAB/Sports Bar
    Our tamariki deserve to be safe. The Kaiti Mall is almost directly across the road from Kaiti School, and children are often at the mall. By reducing the opportunities for people to consume alcohol we reduce the risk of exposing our most precious and vulnerable asset to alcohol harm.
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  • Stop freedom camping at Rotary Park, Dunedin
    Freedom camping at Rotary Park would directly interfere with other many uses of the Park enjoyed by locals. It would be open to vandalism of sensitive infrastructure and park resources. It would also be a cost to rate-payers with cleaning and security needed constantly. It would mean an increase in traffic and noise and should not be allowed in a residential area where it is surrounded by properties.
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  • We need a loo at Hockey Reserve Playground, Nelson
    Children are currently forced to ‘water’ the surrounding planting which is unhygienic and avoidable. The council has listened to the wider community against freedom camping and it is time it listened to the needs of its youngest citizens and helped them avoid the inevitable. Help us show the Council how necessary a public toilet facility is by signing our petition.
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  • Environment Te Tai-ra-whiti - Stop onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration
    The selfish national government want to risk it all on greedy US oil company's with the risk of destroying our marine and coastline environment once its destroyed and its gone our freedom to gather our traditional foods has gone. Also the lies about jobs for locals wont work a second time with us just like the forestry all the real opportunity are not people from the east coast they will be by pasted again
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  • Stop Child Labour
    According to The World Counts statistics, there are more than 200 million children involved in the child labour industry, where they are exposed to violence and psychologically traumatic environments. Seventy-three million of these children, are under the age of 10. We are a group of passionate year 13 students from the North Shore, who are taking a stand against child labour. We strongly believe that all children have the right to education, and to not be exposed to dangerous work conditions especially in the cocoa farming industry. As a fundamental consumer, we should have the right to know where the cocoa is sourced in products such as KitKat. This recommendation will ensure companies to clearly develop their products in order to meet the required standards and gain the Fair Trade mark, making sure that all children are free, safe and happy.
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  • Pass legislation that requires palm oil to have ONE name (PALM OIL).
    Everyone deserves to know if the product they are consuming or using contains palm oil. Palm oil is impacting our environment/climate/animals/human health and safety: causing deforestation; habitat degradation; climate change; animal cruelty; indigenous rights abuse and people have been found to be allergic to palm oil. WE deserve to ask for choice.
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  • Reduce Student Loan Repayment Requirements - 12% per dollar over threshold to 8%
    This is important because we still want to encourage repayments of student loans, without putting undue financial pressure on individuals and families who are doing their best to get ahead and provide for themselves and/or their families. It is a simple, but effective change which would relieve much of this pressure. It also encourages a healthier work ethic, as those who are working, only to have all income spent on the basic cost of living, generally do not possess the same drive as those who are meeting their living costs without the same struggle. Here's a quick video demonstrating income vs. expenses for an individual on a labour only contract, using blocks to keep it simple: https://youtu.be/AF3c0Q0FTXM Let's help our fellow kiwis get on top of their student loan repayments, and show them a bit of love for working so hard for our country, by reducing the percentage of income deducted from 12% to 8%.
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  • Fully fund GPS tracker equipment for Alzheimer's and dementia patients
    Why should our family, neighbours and communties be at risk of loosing the ones we love permantley when it is 2017 and we have the resources to control this issue. The price of a GPS system and session teaching the family./ client on how to use compared to the cost of a search party and emotional toll this takes does not even compare.
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