• Petition for a new Law to STOP the government from giving away our democratic power Forever!
    We the petitioners assert that in a democracy the government cannot sign away our sovereignty that is a contradiction of the very basis for their power, Democracy! Currently there exists the distinct likelihood of politicians against our wishes permanently and forevermore (they intend) giving away to international parties all or much of our ability to self govern, our sovereignty, or to continue as a democracy except in name only. It is illegitimate and abhorrent to democracy for a democratic, limited-term government to sign any anti-democratic agreement to -FOREVER- irrevocably circumvent democracy! Or even to grant a term exceeding theirs. However we need the government to get this message in no uncertain terms and make it a fundamental document of our Democracy! That there must be the ability to exit any agreement (except in the next clause) if the public protests it or if the government believes it should be exited in our best interests either immediately or at worst when the government that signed is voted out. Reluctantly if an agreement (or law) must be binding for a time, the people must agree by voting in a referendum to an agreement with no details withheld that cannot be exited for any period, and that period must not exceed a generation and win at least a 60% Majority to pass although a higher minimum could be set. Ideally even if an agreement seeks to exist for minimum term it is better that there be a valid escape even it it must be financially costly though not actually prohibitive. And that even if 100% of the current population agrees to it, no agreement should ever be binding on all future generations, the limit should be at maximum when most everyone who agreed has (or would have under a natural life span) died of old age if not before. There is no need that exists in our interest for our Government to make any agreement that exists forever without the possibility of ever getting out of it. Except in the event of a military surrender by an invading force. Indeed even many/most countries that have lost to an invading force later regain sovereignty. A Democratic Government cannot be anti-Democratic and still be either Democratic or even be the Government unless it is a Coup d'etat, setting it's self at war with the Democracy of New Zealand an action by force that must be met by necessary force by our uncorrupted Military, Police, Public and Politicians and which is defined in New Zealand law as Treason as it would be an act by force not power! Something you are lured into but can't ever get out of and kept ignorant of the details of is called a trap! If you are a Lawyer please help write a more legally sound draft and offer your opinion. If you know how to get a law passed or an article added to our constitution please help! If you can bring this to sympathetic members of political parties, ones that oppose the TPPA as it stands please do so. Hey, I just got to tick every category because the TPP or an agreement like it could negatively impact our ability to have any law passed on Animal Rights, Forrest, Oceans and water, Climate Change, Health and Safety, Peace and Disarmament, Equality, Human Rights, and Toxics (pollution, toxics products etc.) and much more. Addition: Any agreement that conflicts with the above would be invalid however that might have occurred. Including even probably already established agreements as a consequence of it being knowingly a democracy when any such democratically incompatible agreement was signed. Exemption would be given to any preexisting agreement that the public and government agreed was not onerous for as long as that remains the case. Save our Democracy from Illegal circumvention, don't give in to naysaying disempowering thoughts. This is in the interest of everyone you share it with, if the person is offline we can accept physical signatures also! Join the Facebook group to make this go Viral! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZDemocracy/ Answer a single question poll of what kind of LEGITIMATE power you think Democratic Government has (when I asked in person I got lots of silly questions so I have been very specific). https://aether22.typeform.com/to/lgdbIz Also sign the Second MORE POWERFUL Petition HERE: https://community.sumofus.org/petitions/tell-labour-greens-nz-first-they-must-announce-voiding-the-tpp-when-they-get-in
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    Created by John Berry
  • Make women's sanitary materials free and/or subsidised.
    The average Women's period which is regular at a 28 day cycle for 5 days costs between $10 and $30 depending on the women's individual requirements. Not all Women can afford this and have to make hefty sacrifices which puts their/ and or their families wellbeing at risk depending on what is sacrificed to afford purchasing sanitary pads, tampons, painkillers, panty liners etc. providing these nessecities at a subsidised rate as well as ensuring all work places provide these nessecities will ensure all our Women are able to have a period with the right sanitary materials to keep her healthy and clean.
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    Created by Chanelle Haffenden
  • Petition to enact the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill
    The leaked chapters of the TPPA show provisions that may potentially have detrimental consequences on New Zealand's Parliament, and our sovereign right to self determination. The flow on effects can result in various effects on New Zealanders. The Government assures us that this agreement will not detrimentally affect New Zealanders in any of these ways. The Bill I propose to be enacted is a formal declaration by the Government that they will be true to their word. We the people are not anti-trade, but we feel very strongly about protecting our sovereignty and democratic rights. Please find a copy of the cover letter to the House of Representatives, and a draft of the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107381395/Open%20letter%20draft.docx
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    Created by Josh Hubbard
  • #SaveOurFallenKauri: Stop The Illegal Trade of Swamp Kauri and Save Our Wetlands
    Ancient Kauri is being ripped out from our native Northland wetlands. Northland Environmental Protection Society has identified a rare native orchid where the majority of the world’s population was wiped out last year by swamp kauri mining. Evidence of illegal or at the least dubious trade has been exposed. The Ministry for Primary Industries and Customs have no record of this massive swamp kauri log being exported to Shanghai. Why? Overseas websites sell slabs and logs of ancient swamp kauri when this is only country that should be selling locally made swamp kauri products. We all know a rough sawn slab in China is not a finished table. We need to save wetlands and local jobs. So right now we need a moratorium on all swamp kauri mining and exports until the whole mess is investigated and sorted out and laws adhered to with illegal swamp kauri to be impounded. We need your help. Please sign our petition and tell central Government to #SaveOurFallenKauri
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    Created by Aprilanne Bonar
  • PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN THIS PETITION: Make merciful assisted dying legal in New Zealand
    All terminally ill New Zealanders deserve the right to end their time on earth in peace and dignity. Yes this is about the right of choice. John Key please present an End of Life Choice Bill to Parliament and please change New Zealand's law. Show mercy for terminally ill people in New Zealand - and give them the right to choose. Terminally ill people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland, or in the US state of Oregon, Washington, Montana or Vermont, or in the Canadian province of Quebec already have this choice. Please have the courage to lead New Zealand and get this in front of the members. If there is going to be no quality of life for a terminally ill person please do the only thing we can as a nation and give them choice to die peacefully, with dignity and at the time of their choosing. Read http://www.listener.co.nz/current-affairs/health-current-affairs/dying-wishes/
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    Created by Michelle Gillman
  • Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in Australia
    This is incredibly important in the evolution of our society. Everyone deserves equal rights and the equal ability to love who they want. Stopping people to be married due to their gender stops them from being free to love who they want which is a huge human rights problem that needs to change. If a man is allowed to marry a woman then so should a man be allowed to marry a man and all the same for woman. Gender does not define love.
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  • Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time
    Because New Zealanders are fed up with having their news diet dictated to them by an elite group of bankers, posers and pretenders. It is time for us to take direct action to try to get news media of the kind we need. Because the board and management of Mediaworks who conceitedly made this decision, against all rationality, on the basis of prejudice and hubris need to have the fact that they made a huge mistake pointed out to them in style. Because it is right that we show John Campbell, who has done so much for so many, how much we care.
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  • Fair Debt Collection Practices
    People of New Zealand have had enough of bullies in many walks of life, be it the schoolroom, the playing field, or in the workplace, however we still tolerate it from organisations who want to collect funds. New Zealand is nearly 40 years behind the USA who introduced the Fair Debt collection Practices Act in 1977. Just because someone is having financial difficulty, this is no reason that they should sacrifice their human rights. It is important for everyone in New Zealand to recognise and support the promotion of fairness and equity, because any person in New Zealand can go from being able to afford to pay the bills, to being in default. And it is not just a small portion of Kiwis that have had 'run ins' with creditors and collectors, there are hundreds of thousands out there. It is also a common misconception that debtors are bad people; they are ordinary people who may have - lost their job, finished their employment contract, had a period of sickness, or it could be as simple as a relationship split.. (that doesn't give anyone the right to harass you!).
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    Created by Matthew Nutter
  • Lower motorcycle licences
    Motorcycle licences should not be unfair and punitive against motorcyclists. New Zealand and particularly Auckland has a huge congestion and parking problem and motorbikes are a good alternative for commuting.
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    Created by Graham Burger
    Recently glyphosate was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Class 2A carcinogen, meaning, it probably causes cancer. (1) Glyphosate is the world's most commonly sprayed weedkiller and is the active ingredient in RoundUp (2) It is a product most Council contractors use in keeping both urban and rural public areas weed free. With cancer the leading cause of death in New Zealand, accounting for 29.4% of all deaths (3), it is important we protect the public, particularly children, from exposure to this chemical. The damning conclusion by the world's leading health experts means that the Council needs to take responsibility for protecting our health and making our beautiful district healthy and safe for all by completely stopping the use of glyphosate. The public spraying of this carcinogenic chemical is a violation of our human rights. We have already requested the Rangitikei District Council consider a chemical free alternative, however they've declined, based on their own report that failed to look at the proven cost effectiveness of hot water and foam treatment which is almost equal in cost to chemical spraying. In 2009 French Professor Séralini's two year study on glyphosate found it produced large cancerous tumours in rats (4). Because its effects are cumulative and not immediate (that is they only show up over a long period of time) people generally think it is safe. Dr. Don Huber, an award-winning, international scientist, microbiologist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University (US) who has 55+ years experience in research and expertise in the area of plant pathology, says that contrary to the common claim of safety, a large volume of peer-reviewed scientific information clearly demonstrates that Roundup herbicide is chronically toxic to human and animal tissues and leads to cancer, premature death, kidney and liver failure, blood disorders and a host of other diseases (5). Dr Huber considers glyphosate is worse than DDT (6), and that there's also a correlation between glyphosate use & bee die off (7). Our environment has long been subject to frequent spraying of this toxic chemical. In 2009 France's highest Court ruled that Roundup (active ingredient glyphosate) is not biodegradable nor does it "keep the soil clean" as Monsanto had previously advertised. (8) It has now also been found present in human blood, urine and breast milk. (7) Help us make public areas in our Rangitikei towns both glyphosate and chemical free now. [1] and [2] http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/04/150422-glyphosate-roundup-herbicide-weeds/ [3] http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/cancer-new-registrations-and-deaths-2011 [4] http://www.gmoseralini.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/GES-final-study-19.9.121.pdf (5) http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/roundup-herbicide-most-toxic-chemical-environment [6] http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/01/15/dr-don-huber-interview-part-2.aspx [7] http://www.gmoevidence.com/dr-huber-glyphosate-and-bee-colony-collapse-disorder-ccd/ [8] http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8308903.stm
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  • Increase Immediate and Long-term NZ Aid to Nepal
    Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, but the country has been making progress towards increasing human rights adherence and democracy - for example, in 2005 the decades-long Civil War ended with a diplomatic agreement between the Communist Party and the monarchy, and in 2008 the monarchy was abolished, the Haliya system of enforced labour was outlawed, and a multiparty representative democracy established. Unless Nepal receives fast, effective and unconditional aid, the effects of the earthquake will likely reverse the progress towards a happier and more equitable society that's been made so far there, will almost certainly increase poverty and inequality. An article in the Bloomberg Times today reported that Nepal's economy is "set for freefall without global help": The problem of bad infrastructure and poor logistics is now coming home to roost,” [RajirishI Singhal] said. “You’re looking at lower incomes, lower revenue, high inflation, loss of imports. It’s going to be a terrible year for them.” Additionally, 10% of Nepal's power generation capacity was knocked out by a large landslide last year. As of four hours ago, Nepal has received 3.3million US$ from China, US$210,000 from Japan, US$100,000 from Singapore, 5 million pounds from the UK, $5 million Canadian dollars, $1 million from the US, AU$5 million, 3 million Euros from the EU, and 1 million from NZ. This might seem like a lot, but to help Canterbury's 560,700 residents, NZ received around $7.5 million of foreign aid immediately after the Christchurch Earthquake. 28 million people live in Nepal. Over 3300 are dead so far by the earthquake and over 6000 are injured or missing. UNICEF claims that around 1 million children are "severely affected" by the earthquake. In May 2011 Gerry Brownlee was announced that the government aimed to spend about $8.8 billion "over the next few years" to rebuild Canterbury, and $25.5 million in funding was allocated to CERA. (http://cera.govt.nz/news/budget-funds-new-earthquake-recovery-authority-19-may-2011). Nonetheless ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie claimed in 2013 that the NZ economy could take 50 to 100 years to fully recover from the economic effects of the earthquake and especially raised insurance premimums. (http://www.3news.co.nz/business/investing-in-christchurch-doesnt-stack-up-2013043009) NZ can EASILY do more to help Nepal respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and to rebuild in the coming months and years. (Photo from the NZ Nepal Society website).
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  • Ban the use of carcinogenic chemical on Auckland’s roads and parks - NOW
    Aucklanders deserve a beautiful city free from toxic cancer-causing chemicals, where we can trust our officials to provide a safe and healthy environment for all residents. But glyphosate, which is sprayed onto our roadsides where our children walk to school, and our parks where they play, is dangerous to our health and the environment. Whilst, unbelievably, Auckland Council is proposing in its latest budget to use MORE chemicals in parks across the region (2), Auckland Transport continues to require the use of this probable carcinogen to control vegetation on the roadsides of the Waitakere, Rodney (and Hibiscus and Bays) and South Auckland regions – exposing a third of Aucklanders, or 500,000 people. BUT the other two thirds of Aucklanders – the one million residents of urban North Shore and Auckland City areas - have enjoyed nonchemical vegetation control for 20 years with methods which are just as effective. Some nonchemical systems now COST NO MORE than spraying with glyphosate. So why aren’t these safe, effective methods being used for the whole of Auckland? It’s ludicrous!! The International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organisation) ruled in March 2015 that glyphosate was a probable human carcinogen based on evidence that linked the chemical to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and extensive DNA and chromosome damage in humans; as well as tumours of the kidney, pancreas, skin and blood vessels and DNA and chromosome damage in animals. To continue to expose residents to the adverse health effects of this cancer-causing chemical is immoral and a violation of our Human Rights - especially when viable, safe and cost-effective alternatives are available and have been used successfully in Auckland for 20 years. We deserve better than this! Our city should be clean and toxin-free. Help us to ban glyphosate – NOW - for a fair, safe and healthy Auckland City. (1) http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/iarcnews/pdf/MonographVolume112.pdf (2) http://shapeauckland.co.nz/media/1159/section-55-parks-community-and-lifestyle.pdf
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