This petition is on behalf of the residents of The Avenues, Tauranga South, TAURANGA, which is made up of a wide cross section of age groups, individuals, couples and families, a small business community, a Primary School, an early Childhood centre and two worship centers are greatly concerned about the proposal to build a new Department of Corrections facility at 36 Burrows Street, Tauranga South, to serve all of Tauranga. This is a residential area with a major traffic ‘hotspot’. A ‘hotspot’ that Tauranga City Council is struggling to come up with a solution for. Therefore, increasing the traffic through this residential area with an approximate 660 persons per week (including 100 staff) on a weekly basis and Saturdays, is just one of the significant problems that will be created. The figure of 660 persons (including staff) per week at 36 Burrows Street, Tauranga, does not take into account the projected growth of Tauranga Corrections services over the next three, five, ten, twenty years. The Department of Corrections have stated that these facilities will not create an adverse situation to the residents and public as the facility will only be visited by ‘low level’ offenders. However, those who live and work in the Avenues area that will be affected and those who work adjacent to existing offices have a different opinion to those of the Department of Corrections. Let’s do all we can to stop this centre being developed so close to people’s homes, schools, daycare centres and businesses. Tauranga has numerous industrial areas much more suited to this type of facility. Even Tauranga CBD, which is a central transportation hub, would be more suitable. Please sign the attached Petition to stop the proposed Department of Corrections Consolidated Probation facility at 36, Burrows Street, Tauranga South, 3112, Tauranga
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    Created by Gina Macdonald
  • Strengthen NZ gun laws: Create a gun register
    The Arms Amendment Bill that followed the white-supremacist terror attack in Christchurch is an excellent step towards ridding New Zealand of dangerous weapons of war - but it doesn't go far enough. Right now New Zealand remains almost alone with the United States in not having a register of firearms. Without one, authorities don't know where guns are are or who owns them. There are about 250,000 registered firearms licence holders, and estimates of the number of guns in the country range from 1.2 million to 3m - 15,000 of these guns were semi-automatic weapons. Along with the USA, New Zealand is one of the few places where owners don’t have to register each weapon, except for certain categories of firearm. Registering each gun would reduce illegal sales and theft of guns. The gun lobby is mobilising to slow down and dilute any action taken to restrict gun ownership. It's vital that we counter that by showing support for the Arms Amendment Bill and that New Zealanders want even better gun control laws.
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  • Fully fund GPS tracker equipment for Alzheimer's and dementia patients
    Why should our family, neighbours and communties be at risk of loosing the ones we love permantley when it is 2017 and we have the resources to control this issue. The price of a GPS system and session teaching the family./ client on how to use compared to the cost of a search party and emotional toll this takes does not even compare.
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    Created by Manda Alexander
  • Justice for Susan Burdett. Make NZ Police reopen her murder case.
    Susan Burdett and her family deserve justice. Since Teina Pora was cleared of the murder with his wrongful conviction quashed, the real murderer needs to be tried. The NZ Police have refused to meet with media that have uncovered new evidence. All New Zealand citizens should be able to feel safe in their homes and should be able to trust that the NZ Police will do their best to find the murderer and bring them to justice if that happened to any of our families. Susan Burdett's life means something. She should not be forgotten. Her families quest for justice needs our support. She deserves justice. She deserved peace in her home. Malcolm Rewa raped her and robbed her of her peace. She was murdered that night in Pah Rd, Papatoetoe, Auckland. He is the only suspect now and there is new evidence that places Malcolm Rewa three doors away alone on that night in 1992. It will be 25 years in March since she was murdered. No one was brought to justice for taking Susan's life. Susan Burdett deserves eternal peace. Justice brings peace.
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    Created by Nikki Phillips
  • Petition for a new Law to STOP the government from giving away our democratic power Forever!
    We the petitioners assert that in a democracy the government cannot sign away our sovereignty that is a contradiction of the very basis for their power, Democracy! Currently there exists the distinct likelihood of politicians against our wishes permanently and forevermore (they intend) giving away to international parties all or much of our ability to self govern, our sovereignty, or to continue as a democracy except in name only. It is illegitimate and abhorrent to democracy for a democratic, limited-term government to sign any anti-democratic agreement to -FOREVER- irrevocably circumvent democracy! Or even to grant a term exceeding theirs. However we need the government to get this message in no uncertain terms and make it a fundamental document of our Democracy! That there must be the ability to exit any agreement (except in the next clause) if the public protests it or if the government believes it should be exited in our best interests either immediately or at worst when the government that signed is voted out. Reluctantly if an agreement (or law) must be binding for a time, the people must agree by voting in a referendum to an agreement with no details withheld that cannot be exited for any period, and that period must not exceed a generation and win at least a 60% Majority to pass although a higher minimum could be set. Ideally even if an agreement seeks to exist for minimum term it is better that there be a valid escape even it it must be financially costly though not actually prohibitive. And that even if 100% of the current population agrees to it, no agreement should ever be binding on all future generations, the limit should be at maximum when most everyone who agreed has (or would have under a natural life span) died of old age if not before. There is no need that exists in our interest for our Government to make any agreement that exists forever without the possibility of ever getting out of it. Except in the event of a military surrender by an invading force. Indeed even many/most countries that have lost to an invading force later regain sovereignty. A Democratic Government cannot be anti-Democratic and still be either Democratic or even be the Government unless it is a Coup d'etat, setting it's self at war with the Democracy of New Zealand an action by force that must be met by necessary force by our uncorrupted Military, Police, Public and Politicians and which is defined in New Zealand law as Treason as it would be an act by force not power! Something you are lured into but can't ever get out of and kept ignorant of the details of is called a trap! If you are a Lawyer please help write a more legally sound draft and offer your opinion. If you know how to get a law passed or an article added to our constitution please help! If you can bring this to sympathetic members of political parties, ones that oppose the TPPA as it stands please do so. Hey, I just got to tick every category because the TPP or an agreement like it could negatively impact our ability to have any law passed on Animal Rights, Forrest, Oceans and water, Climate Change, Health and Safety, Peace and Disarmament, Equality, Human Rights, and Toxics (pollution, toxics products etc.) and much more. Addition: Any agreement that conflicts with the above would be invalid however that might have occurred. Including even probably already established agreements as a consequence of it being knowingly a democracy when any such democratically incompatible agreement was signed. Exemption would be given to any preexisting agreement that the public and government agreed was not onerous for as long as that remains the case. Save our Democracy from Illegal circumvention, don't give in to naysaying disempowering thoughts. This is in the interest of everyone you share it with, if the person is offline we can accept physical signatures also! Join the Facebook group to make this go Viral! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZDemocracy/ Answer a single question poll of what kind of LEGITIMATE power you think Democratic Government has (when I asked in person I got lots of silly questions so I have been very specific). https://aether22.typeform.com/to/lgdbIz Also sign the Second MORE POWERFUL Petition HERE: https://community.sumofus.org/petitions/tell-labour-greens-nz-first-they-must-announce-voiding-the-tpp-when-they-get-in
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    Created by John Berry
  • Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time
    Because New Zealanders are fed up with having their news diet dictated to them by an elite group of bankers, posers and pretenders. It is time for us to take direct action to try to get news media of the kind we need. Because the board and management of Mediaworks who conceitedly made this decision, against all rationality, on the basis of prejudice and hubris need to have the fact that they made a huge mistake pointed out to them in style. Because it is right that we show John Campbell, who has done so much for so many, how much we care.
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    Created by Alastair Thompson
  • Make the 10th July a public holiday
    The 10th of July should be made a New Zealand public holiday because on the 10th July 1985 French secret agents, posing as interested supporters or tourists toured the Rainbow Warrior. Later they planted a bomb on the hull of the ship. When the bomb detonated it sank the boat and killed crewmember Fernando Pereira. This tragic event was the spark that ignited the anti Nuclear movement in New Zealand and helped to define a great part of the New Zealand identity. The sinking of the Rainbow warrior is as much a part of New Zealand's great history as is the Queen's (official) birthday. We should use this year, the 30th anniversary of that fateful day, to remember and to set into law the 30th of July as a public holiday.
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    Created by Maya McNicoll
  • Don't send our troops to Iraq
    For more than 30 years (1) NZ has been fighting fire with fire. We keep sending troops to fight in the Middle East and it has only succeeded in bringing more death and destruction, not only to the innocent people in those countries, but more recently, to our friends and families closer to home. A 2008 report (2) found that only 8% of terrorist groups, since 1968, have ended their activities as a result of military force. In fact, more terrorist groups ended due to completing their goals (10%) than as a result of military force! So the question is, what are we hoping to achieve by sending Kiwi troops to Iraq and Syria? So far all we’ve heard is that joining the fight is the “price of the club” (3). In the 1980s, allowing United States ships to dock in our country was also the ‘price of the club’. But then we stood up. New Zealanders decided to be nuclear free despite our obligations under the ANZUS treaty (4). We knew nuclear weapons made the world a more dangerous place and we took action. As a New Zealander, I am proud of what we did then and throughout our history we have always been a nation that has done what is right. I believe that we need to continue this trend. Parliament will be debating sending troops to Iraq soon. We need to stand up and say "no more fighting". We need to let our government know that we are done supporting wars which make this world a more dangerous place to live in. We need to let them know that we do not support sending our troops to Iraq. (1) Tucker, S. C. (2010). The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts. ABC CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA. (2) Rand Corporation (2008). How terrorist groups end: Lessons for Countering al Qa’ida. Retrieved from http://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/monographs/2008/RAND_MG741-1.pdf. (3) NZ Herald (2015). Prime Minister John Key: Isis fight 'price of the club'. Retrieved from http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11389202. (4) New Zealand bans nuclear material (n.d.). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANZUS#New_Zealand_bans_nuclear_material.
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    Created by Joseph Graddy
  • Get GDC to Adopt this Resolution to Protect Gisborne from the TPPA
    As our elected Council, GDC needs to address the TPP and its effects on our community. This resolution will ensure they voice their willingness to protect us as much as they can. Other major NZ cities have adopted these resolutions and Gisborne should be next. Cities include Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin among others. Adopt this resolution. Protect our Gisborne community.
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    Created by Tania Barbarich