• Close the Gender Pay Gap
    Through signing this petition you will be helping us to get rid of the gender pay gap in New Zealand. As a school full of girls, the gender pay gap will greatly affect our futures. We have decided to take action against this social issue for our project in social studies and are hoping you could take a few minutes of your time to sign this petition that we will send to our local MPs and Prime Minister along with a letter of complaint.
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    We ask that FNDC advocate for both current and future generations by adopting a position of opposition to Deep Sea Oil prospecting and drilling. Oil companies have been given the right to prospect for oil around the coast of Northland. Consultations about Deep Sea Oil permits are with Iwi, Hapu and Local Authorities. There are many concerns about Deep Sea Oil prospecting and drilling. The seismic surveying used to identify resources in the sea bed is known to be harmful, even fatal, to marine life and to mammals such as whales and dolphins in particular. If oil is found and drilling starts there will be significant risks to our harbours and coastline. The wells would be around 500m deeper than the one in the Gulf of Mexico which took months to close off when there was an oil spill and which devastated the ecology and the economy of the coastal area. We must not let this happen here. The Rena disaster demonstrated how unprepared New Zealand is for a major oil spill. Peak Oil is already here so we have to switch to different ways of living anyway. Better to use resources now to move towards alternatives. The effects of Climate Change are already being experienced and it is now fully accepted that we have to change our oil dependent lifestyles. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned of ' irreversible and dangerous' changes to the climate if the use of fossil fuels continues. Climate scientists have indicated that we must act now to avoid catastrophic climate change. It is unjustifiable to risk environmental and ecosystem damage to search for a fuel that cannot be safely used without jeopardising the future. Oil production is not economically sustainable (extraction of a finite resource the use of which contributes to climate change could never be sustainable in any way) nor would oil production contribute at all to our local economy other than to have a potentially huge adverse impact if an accident did occur. Oil exploration, both in terms of the immediate risk of an oil spill but also in terms of the contribution to climate change, endangers fishing – customary, commercial or recreational. Oil exploration therefore risks our economy but also people's well being. For generations people have lived off the abundance of the sea, for Tangata Whenua this is especially important as the sea is their food basket. The following are among key outcomes proposed by FNDC in “Our Voices – Our Vision” Safe, healthy, resilient places and people. Our environment is protected, enhanced and wisely-managed. Sustainable development of our local economy. Deep Sea Oil exploration is in direct contradiction to these stated outcomes. In addition FNDC has another key proposed outcome which is “Capable, credible, civic leadership that advocates for people and is trusted by the communities we serve”. We ask that FNDC live up to their vision and the proposed outcome of 'advocating for people and gain the trust of the communities they serve' by making a public statement of opposition to Deep Sea Oil exploration and that they express their opposition generally and on any occasion that they are consulted on this topic. We need to take real climate action now and say NO to deep water drilling. More information http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/oceans/science/marine-planning-and-conservation/what-are-seismic-surveys-and-their-impacts/ http://www.nwf.org/What-We-Do/Protect-Habitat/Gulf-Restoration/Oil-Spill/Effects-on-Wildlife.aspx http://wakeupfreakout.org/film/tipping.html
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  • Allow Refugee Sponsorship in New Zealand
    The refugee situation in Europe has reached crisis point. It is important that New Zealand does its bit to help this global humanitarian issue. Our current quota is paltry. Let New Zealanders decide how many refugees we can afford to help by opening their own hearts and wallets to help them. Give us a chance to do our bit.
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    Created by Camilla Wheeler
  • Ngai Takoto help us stop sea level rise!
    We are entering the most dangerous period in the history of human civilization We need to take real climate action and by saying NO deep water oil drilling.
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    Created by Mike Smith
  • Te Aupouri ! Help us Stop the Climate Emergency ~ STOP STATOIL!
    We are entering the most dangerous period in the history of human civilization We need to take real climate action and by saying NO deep water oil drilling.
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  • Used Bottle Refund Machines
    How it works: You put your plastic or glass bottles or aluminium cans in the machine and you get a small amount of money back, maybe 10 Cents for example. Those bottles and cans would then get sent away to get cleaned and be used again. I believe that this is a great idea and we should establish these machines in NZ!
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    Created by Tilak Patel
  • Option to vote "None of the above"
    Currently during NZ elections, there is no option for a voter to record a vote of "None of the above". In 2011 & 2014 elections, more than 20% of eligible voters did not register a vote. Politically apathetic or politically frustrated ??? An option to vote "None of the above" would tell us a lot about that missing 20%. ................................................................................. Dr Bryce Edwards, lecturer of politics at the University of Otago, says it makes sense to incorporate a 'no confidence' or 'none-of-the-above' ballot option as people are "voting with their feet", and sustained low voter turnout is a sign democracy is failing. ... Dr Edwards says a "formal mechanism in the ballot papers for citizens to register their unhappiness" would help differentiate between those protesting the electoral system and the parties on offer, and those who are simply not interested. ... Dr Raymond Miller, associate professor of political science at the University of Auckland, says even if the option existed he "doubts it would be taken up by many voters". "How many voters would go to the trouble of visiting the polling booth in order to register a none-of-the-above vote? […] A more attractive alternative – but one I accept has lower overall impact – is to simply not turn up." http://www.3news.co.nz/politics/no-confidence-vote-a-voice-for-the-disenfranchised-2014090316 .................................................................................
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  • Make Devon Street Safer for Drivers by Putting Mirrors on the Corners!
    This is important because numerous drivers get frustrated with this tight two way street as it is near-impossible to judge if there is an oncoming car. With the street being so tight (a hill on one side and parked cars on the other, making it pretty much a one-way street in either direction), the road being very bendy causing it to be dangerous (especially when there is a driver who drivers faster than appropriate for the road), both day and night and damages that get caused from drivers trying to manoeuvre safely to get out of the way of the other car. Driving up or down the street is very uncomforting and is quite dangerous for all road users as we cannot see around corners. They are very much blind spots. I for one, can and will vouch for those whose cars have been damaged being parked outside the home on Devon Street. My car was reversed into by a driver attempting to reverse down the hill, around the bend in order to get out of the way for the other driver - She left a note thankfully and that was fixed but that is not the point. Many cars get their side mirrors damaged and parts of their cars also damaged by other road users trying to get out of the way of the oncoming traffic. This would be prevented if there were mirrors to allow us to see around the corner which could prepare traffic for what is coming. Not only is it road users that would be affected by the installation of these mirrors. It would help with the pedestrains who use the street on cycles, by foot or by other means of transport. As the street is used as a main route to get to and from Victoria University by students who live in the Te Aro area, they are put at risk by cars coming up or down and taking it wide in case of a potential car and especially at night when it is dark and harder to see, people walking up the street near the corners are put at risk by cars either taking it wide or by going a little too fast. A mirror would help solve this because it could show pedestrians that, yes, there is an oncoming car and vice versa. The road is dangerous and drivers must be cautious whether or not there is a mirror but having a couple mirrors at least installed would be a very good safety measure to be taken by the city council. It is positive for everyone.
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    Created by Lateisha Smith
  • Waimairi Beach
    This is important to have your say on residential activity inside the Rural Coastal Zones of Waimairi Beach. There is currently an application to build a house within the Rural Coastal zones and Bottle Lake Forest. If this is approved by council it opens further applications, The council cannot approve one residence application and then say No" to others. The rules and zones apply to all Waimairi Beach residents, why should one person be exempt and benefit after they knowingly purchased Rural land with an intention to build a residential property inside the communities Park, Sandunes and Rural Coastal zone.
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  • Ban Lion Trophy Imports Into New Zealand
    On March 13th 2015, Australia banned the importation of lion body parts to prevent hunters from bringing home lion hunting trophies. This first-of-its-kind ban sets a global precedent for the protection of African lions. In the 1960s, it was estimated that there were 200,000 lions on the African continent. Sadly, only 20,000 are left today. Sport hunting is still permitted in the wild and South Africa specifically breeds lions for captive hunting -- "canned hunting." Sport hunting refers to animals killed for the prize of an animal trophy, usually the skin or mounted head of the animal. That can be done legally in a few places, such as game reserves. However, the illegal sport hunting across Africa and poachers selling lion trophies to the rest of the world are real issues that affect all of us. Sport hunting mostly targets adult male animals. Hunters regard them as the most impressive to kill. Adult male lions -- who, it is estimated, only make up 15 percent at most of any lion population -- are the primary trophy targets. In fact, as many as 8,000 lions are being bred in captivity in South Africa alone for holiday-makers to shoot with bows and arrows and even pistols, according to UK-based charity Lion Aid. In March, the European Commission was asked to ban the import into the EU of any such trophies. Collecting them has grown in popularity since hunting lions and other endangered wildlife has been outlawed in many countries. Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik has confirmed that the current rules on wildlife imports, based on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) do not go far enough and that the EU is developing tougher new rules. The continued specific removal of the male from the lion population, (called "mining") is unsustainable. They simply cannot be replaced. We ask that New Zealand follow Australia's example by banning the importation of lion body parts/trophies. See more at: http://www.jeanlambertmep.org.uk/2014/06/09/eu-heed-green-meps-call-ban-import-canned-hunting-trophies/#sthash.4no96Zz4.dpuf http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/2012/12/an-assault-on-reason/#more-11406 less
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  • Petition to Change Medicinal Cannabis Regulations
    Medicinal Cannabis should be treated under the Medicines Act in the same way as any other medicine in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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  • Petition for a new Law to STOP the government from giving away our democratic power Forever!
    We the petitioners assert that in a democracy the government cannot sign away our sovereignty that is a contradiction of the very basis for their power, Democracy! Currently there exists the distinct likelihood of politicians against our wishes permanently and forevermore (they intend) giving away to international parties all or much of our ability to self govern, our sovereignty, or to continue as a democracy except in name only. It is illegitimate and abhorrent to democracy for a democratic, limited-term government to sign any anti-democratic agreement to -FOREVER- irrevocably circumvent democracy! Or even to grant a term exceeding theirs. However we need the government to get this message in no uncertain terms and make it a fundamental document of our Democracy! That there must be the ability to exit any agreement (except in the next clause) if the public protests it or if the government believes it should be exited in our best interests either immediately or at worst when the government that signed is voted out. Reluctantly if an agreement (or law) must be binding for a time, the people must agree by voting in a referendum to an agreement with no details withheld that cannot be exited for any period, and that period must not exceed a generation and win at least a 60% Majority to pass although a higher minimum could be set. Ideally even if an agreement seeks to exist for minimum term it is better that there be a valid escape even it it must be financially costly though not actually prohibitive. And that even if 100% of the current population agrees to it, no agreement should ever be binding on all future generations, the limit should be at maximum when most everyone who agreed has (or would have under a natural life span) died of old age if not before. There is no need that exists in our interest for our Government to make any agreement that exists forever without the possibility of ever getting out of it. Except in the event of a military surrender by an invading force. Indeed even many/most countries that have lost to an invading force later regain sovereignty. A Democratic Government cannot be anti-Democratic and still be either Democratic or even be the Government unless it is a Coup d'etat, setting it's self at war with the Democracy of New Zealand an action by force that must be met by necessary force by our uncorrupted Military, Police, Public and Politicians and which is defined in New Zealand law as Treason as it would be an act by force not power! Something you are lured into but can't ever get out of and kept ignorant of the details of is called a trap! If you are a Lawyer please help write a more legally sound draft and offer your opinion. If you know how to get a law passed or an article added to our constitution please help! If you can bring this to sympathetic members of political parties, ones that oppose the TPPA as it stands please do so. Hey, I just got to tick every category because the TPP or an agreement like it could negatively impact our ability to have any law passed on Animal Rights, Forrest, Oceans and water, Climate Change, Health and Safety, Peace and Disarmament, Equality, Human Rights, and Toxics (pollution, toxics products etc.) and much more. Addition: Any agreement that conflicts with the above would be invalid however that might have occurred. Including even probably already established agreements as a consequence of it being knowingly a democracy when any such democratically incompatible agreement was signed. Exemption would be given to any preexisting agreement that the public and government agreed was not onerous for as long as that remains the case. Save our Democracy from Illegal circumvention, don't give in to naysaying disempowering thoughts. This is in the interest of everyone you share it with, if the person is offline we can accept physical signatures also! Join the Facebook group to make this go Viral! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZDemocracy/ Answer a single question poll of what kind of LEGITIMATE power you think Democratic Government has (when I asked in person I got lots of silly questions so I have been very specific). https://aether22.typeform.com/to/lgdbIz Also sign the Second MORE POWERFUL Petition HERE: https://community.sumofus.org/petitions/tell-labour-greens-nz-first-they-must-announce-voiding-the-tpp-when-they-get-in
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