• Establish better cat control laws for New Zealand
    Under current NZ law cats have the right to trespass. This means: - if you reverse over a cat in your own driveway you are liable for replacing it (did you know a cat can cost as much as $3000?); - a cat has the legal right to come onto your property, kill and eat your pet rabbits, defecate in your child's sandpit, and torture and eat the native birds in your garden, etc.; - if a cat is found killed in your unfenced front yard and you own a dog, regardless of a lack of witnesses or evidence, a Disputes Tribunal will find on the balance of probability that your dog is responsible; - even if you advise your neighbours that their cat is not welcome on your property, or that you have a dog that may chase it, you are still liable for the welfare of their cat on your property. Please sign this petition if you think the current law is unfair, and you would like to have a cat control act created that ensures that you are not responsible for cats who are trespassing on your property. NB: I am not suggesting that people cause cats deliberate harm. I am not a cat hater. This law can work in the same way that the Dog Control Act 1996 works to regulate wandering dogs without encouraging animal cruelty. The recommended way to remove cats from your property is to get up early, hide in a bush, squirt cats with a garden hose. Due to this unfair law, my options now are: - to pay $3000 to replace an imported German show cat who my dogs may never have even seen let alone killed, and have it continue to freely defecate in my garden; - to pay $250 for a stay of execution to keep the bailiff away while I await a rehearing, which will still probably result in the above; - to pay $750 filing, plus $?000s legal fees to take this matter to court. (see Shannon Darby vs. Phillip Hide CIV-2014-009-002426 for details) If you, or anyone you know, can help out with legal advice or would like to make a donation to the cause of fighting this injustice, please contact me. update. Rehearing failed since paid$3000. Now have to chain my dog on my own property to allow the cat its legal right to trespass in our garden!! Update thanks AON insurance for paying out $3000 liability cover for a dead cat. Another reason this law is unjust.higher insurance premiums! !
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  • Make women's sanitary materials free and/or subsidised.
    The average Women's period which is regular at a 28 day cycle for 5 days costs between $10 and $30 depending on the women's individual requirements. Not all Women can afford this and have to make hefty sacrifices which puts their/ and or their families wellbeing at risk depending on what is sacrificed to afford purchasing sanitary pads, tampons, painkillers, panty liners etc. providing these nessecities at a subsidised rate as well as ensuring all work places provide these nessecities will ensure all our Women are able to have a period with the right sanitary materials to keep her healthy and clean.
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  • Save the Ponsonby Road magnolia trees
    We must look after and protect our precious mature trees whatever they are. The local community must be consulted before any of these trees, particularly Notable trees, are destroyed because of the direct affect they have on our local air quality. The two Notable Magnolia Trees on Ponsonby Road represent an urgent need to change our behaviour towards more tree-friendly design. Building for the future must include retaining the best of the character of Ponsonby Road and doing the best we can for future generations. Sign the petition to help save the trees and ask the Owners and Auckland Council not to de-list these Notable Trees. Summary: These Listed trees do not meet 'current' Notable Tree criteria but the Owners reasons for wanting to de-list them are not in the public interest. The Owners want to re-develop the site and cut down the trees because planning requires them to put an awning across the pavement which cannot be done, they claim, if the trees remain. Is this really a good enough reason to destroy two mature, historic Notable trees that are part of the character of Ponsonby Road, are net oxygen producers and managing our local biosphere ? A clever designer could design around the trees to ensure their survival and produce a tree sensitive building that would enhance the character of Ponsonby Road rather than turn it into another shopping precinct like any other. We need to be making the effort to think outside the box to do this throughout Auckland why not start in Ponsonby? There is precedence for this on Ponsonby Road near Bhana Bros shop, the awning has been built around a tree and near Shanghai Lil's there is another. We have precedents let's build on that and encourage and require more tree-friendly design in Auckland. Facts: The true import of the loss of Auckland's Urban Forest which is currently under threat from property development is as follows: 1. De-listing, cutting down and destroying Auckland’s Urban Forest is detrimentally changing the character and environment of Auckland. 2. 60% of Auckland's Urban Forest is on private land. These trees contribute hugely to cleaning the air of Auckland, managing storm water, sequestering carbon, and, producing oxygen which we breathe. Sadly, Auckland Council have done an Air Quality Report completely ignoring the part played by Auckland's Urban Forest in managing the Air Quality of Auckland. This is a life threatening omission. 3. When the Earth was formed the atmosphere was full of poisonous gasses. Plants through their evolution and processes cleaned the biosphere, sequestering the poisons into the soils creating an environment where animals and humans could live. The mature leafy trees are the large oxygen producers. They manage the biosphere both locally and for the Earth. All mature oxygen producing trees are connected to biosphere management of the Earth. 4. We have destroyed 80% of the Earth's Ancient Forests replacing them with low oxygen, high carbon producing activities. The Oceans, where most of our oxygen is produced, are becoming dead. UN estimates there are 150 Dead areas in the Oceans which are directly related to Our pollution. The plant phytoplankton (oxygen producers) in our Oceans are being reduced by our activities. 5. There are fewer and fewer oxygen producers and our Urban Forest is becoming vital to the future survival of our species. 6. The oxygen contained in our air is 19-20% and reducing yearly. Before the Industrial Revolution it used to be much more. We cannot live on Earth if the amount of oxygen in our air falls below 7%. Already in some parts of the Earth there are cities with oxygen levels of 14-15%. 7. When we burn fossil fuels and create carbon dioxide we sequester 2 x oxygen molecules for every 1 x of carbon produced. These oxygen molecules can only be released by being taken up by an oxygen producing plant. 8. Humans need trees which is why we instinctively know it is wrong to cut them down. We need the oxygen they produce, they use the carbon we produce, we are physically connected. To continue to ignore this FACT, as we are doing, is to steal the future from our children and destroy our Home.
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  • Petition to enact the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill
    The leaked chapters of the TPPA show provisions that may potentially have detrimental consequences on New Zealand's Parliament, and our sovereign right to self determination. The flow on effects can result in various effects on New Zealanders. The Government assures us that this agreement will not detrimentally affect New Zealanders in any of these ways. The Bill I propose to be enacted is a formal declaration by the Government that they will be true to their word. We the people are not anti-trade, but we feel very strongly about protecting our sovereignty and democratic rights. Please find a copy of the cover letter to the House of Representatives, and a draft of the Trade Negotiation (Mandate Limitation) Bill here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107381395/Open%20letter%20draft.docx
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  • Convince Coca-Cola to spend their $3 billion dollar advertising budget on saving the rainforests
    Mass deforestation and devastating climate change threatens survival of all the species, including us. The facts: - Next 5 years are critical. 80-90% of tropical rainforest systems will be destroyed by 2020. ( Source: http://www.custommade.com/l/deforestation/ ) - Rainforests regulate the Earth’s climate, storing 1 trillion tonnes of carbon. That is twice the amount than in the atmosphere. ( Source: http://newsroom.unfccc.int/ ) - We have lost the equivalent of 50 football pitches of rainforest every minute since 2000. ( Source: www.theguardian.com ) - Every year we lose 7.3 million hectares (50 football pitches every minute) of forest. ( Source: www.inhabitat.com ) - In 1950, 15% of the Earth’s land was covered by rainforests. Today (2015) only 6% are covered. ( Source: www.inhabitat.com ) This is a simple idea to show how one of the biggest global brands could connect with its roots to tackle one of the biggest global problems. The video explains how this campaign will boost Coke’s global brand equity, turn passive consumers into loyal followers, increase marketing reach (and help save the world).
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  • #SaveOurFallenKauri: Stop The Illegal Trade of Swamp Kauri and Save Our Wetlands
    Ancient Kauri is being ripped out from our native Northland wetlands. Northland Environmental Protection Society has identified a rare native orchid where the majority of the world’s population was wiped out last year by swamp kauri mining. Evidence of illegal or at the least dubious trade has been exposed. The Ministry for Primary Industries and Customs have no record of this massive swamp kauri log being exported to Shanghai. Why? Overseas websites sell slabs and logs of ancient swamp kauri when this is only country that should be selling locally made swamp kauri products. We all know a rough sawn slab in China is not a finished table. We need to save wetlands and local jobs. So right now we need a moratorium on all swamp kauri mining and exports until the whole mess is investigated and sorted out and laws adhered to with illegal swamp kauri to be impounded. We need your help. Please sign our petition and tell central Government to #SaveOurFallenKauri
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  • PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN THIS PETITION: Make merciful assisted dying legal in New Zealand
    All terminally ill New Zealanders deserve the right to end their time on earth in peace and dignity. Yes this is about the right of choice. John Key please present an End of Life Choice Bill to Parliament and please change New Zealand's law. Show mercy for terminally ill people in New Zealand - and give them the right to choose. Terminally ill people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland, or in the US state of Oregon, Washington, Montana or Vermont, or in the Canadian province of Quebec already have this choice. Please have the courage to lead New Zealand and get this in front of the members. If there is going to be no quality of life for a terminally ill person please do the only thing we can as a nation and give them choice to die peacefully, with dignity and at the time of their choosing. Read http://www.listener.co.nz/current-affairs/health-current-affairs/dying-wishes/
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  • Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in Australia
    This is incredibly important in the evolution of our society. Everyone deserves equal rights and the equal ability to love who they want. Stopping people to be married due to their gender stops them from being free to love who they want which is a huge human rights problem that needs to change. If a man is allowed to marry a woman then so should a man be allowed to marry a man and all the same for woman. Gender does not define love.
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  • Fix the Footpath
    This footpath is used by children on their way to school on their scooters. It is used by old people on their way to Barrington Mall on their mobility scooters and Zimmer frames. The unstable ground is a hazard for old people as they can easily slip on the stones, or roll over on their ankles. We have asked the council several times to address this problem and we have had NO response whatsoever. We need your help to encourage the Christchurch City Council to hear us.
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  • Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time
    Because New Zealanders are fed up with having their news diet dictated to them by an elite group of bankers, posers and pretenders. It is time for us to take direct action to try to get news media of the kind we need. Because the board and management of Mediaworks who conceitedly made this decision, against all rationality, on the basis of prejudice and hubris need to have the fact that they made a huge mistake pointed out to them in style. Because it is right that we show John Campbell, who has done so much for so many, how much we care.
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  • Government must act to control overseas investment
    International websites and radio stations are flaunting New Zealand’s lack of a capital gains tax and the market, in particular the housing market, is in crisis. Many overseas investors don’t need to borrow to buy here and the majority of New Zealanders are struggling to compete. First home buyers are outbid at auctions and Mum and Dad investors will be unable to compete with the new 30% deposit imposed by the Reserve Bank. Without intervention by the Government New Zealanders will be tenants in their own country very soon.
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  • Fair Debt Collection Practices
    People of New Zealand have had enough of bullies in many walks of life, be it the schoolroom, the playing field, or in the workplace, however we still tolerate it from organisations who want to collect funds. New Zealand is nearly 40 years behind the USA who introduced the Fair Debt collection Practices Act in 1977. Just because someone is having financial difficulty, this is no reason that they should sacrifice their human rights. It is important for everyone in New Zealand to recognise and support the promotion of fairness and equity, because any person in New Zealand can go from being able to afford to pay the bills, to being in default. And it is not just a small portion of Kiwis that have had 'run ins' with creditors and collectors, there are hundreds of thousands out there. It is also a common misconception that debtors are bad people; they are ordinary people who may have - lost their job, finished their employment contract, had a period of sickness, or it could be as simple as a relationship split.. (that doesn't give anyone the right to harass you!).
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