Selwyn Clarke is a WWII veteran who fought with the 28th Maori Battalion against fascist governments bent on world domination. In December 2015 the New Zealand government vindictively cut his Veteran's Pension because he refused to appear before its courts after he was trespassed for peacefully repossessing his own land. We believe Selwyn ought to be able to hold and exercise the rights to: 1. Peacefully protest without fear of retribution from government. 2. Receive his Veteran's Pension. He fought against fascism for our rights, now it's our turn to fight for his.
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    WATER !!! Our life force. Clean Water is our right to Survival !!! The effects of Toxic Hard Rock Mining and Drilling will upset an already natural imbalance with the further distribution of Mercury that is already there. The level of toxins and waste from mining will be catastrophic to the neighbouring areas, rivers, harbours and sea. It is unjustifiable to risk health, environmental, ecosystem devastation along with farming and crop growing. The effects of toxic waste are already being experienced and the damage is irreversible and life threatening. For generations people have pumped water from springs and bores to drink and still do drink from springs and bores. Toxic Mining eliminates all use of water which is a necessary life support for all living beings. We ask that the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council advocates for the people and communities they serve by making a public statement of opposition to Toxic Mining in Puhipuhi and they express their opposition generally and on any occasion they are consulted on this topic. We need to take real action now and say No to Toxic Mining.
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  • Cycle lanes on Ponsonby rd
    To help create a cycle culture. Ponsonby road is iconic for fashion and entertainment. It has outdoor dining, cafes, bars and fashion boutiques along its whole length. It is a place for people and it is currently dominated by traffic. Though It is culturally and geographically perfect for cycling, It currently feels very dangerous to cycle along It has room for a protected bike lane if one of the existing car lanes was re-allocated, the parking zone moved away from the footpath and a bike lane inserted between the footpath and the parked cars. Advantages for society: - Get kids riding to school - thereby reducing school traffic - Get people fit - save on healthcare costs - Reduce emissions - improve air quality -reduce global warming - Improve Auckland's carbon footprint - Improve quality of life for people in Ponsonby
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  • Stop weed spraying with glyphosate
    The health and safety of families exposed to this cancer causing toxin are at risk. We do not need to use it when organic alternatives are available.
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  • Judder Bars/Prevent Trucks from using Albert Street Otahuhu
    There are many residents with children in the area who are likely to be hit by a truck or bus and also residents whom wish to have a peaceful nights sleep without trucks and other heavy vehicles using the area as a short cut.
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  • National Fundraiser for Child Poverty in New Zealand.
    Despite the government and many other organisations doing as much as they can, we still need more support to overcome aspects of child poverty in New Zealand therefore every dollar raised will contribute in diminishing this crisis. This issue is important because on a daily basis I see many kids suffering in my school. I have had first hand exposure to a lot of students that are going through this and it is my personal experience. I have many friends who don't dress warmly during the very cold months because they cannot afford the school jumpers and therefore wear their short sleeve shirts only. Growing up I've been surrounded by students who would come to school without lunch, simply because they did not have enough food at home. I, myself have not personally been through child poverty but during winter I wear many layers of clothing and still feel cold to the point where I cannot concentrate at school and it only makes me more sympathetic to the students who have less than I do, but have no way to improve their situation.
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  • Get Victoria Skate Park lights
    We as New Zealanders pride ourselves on our sports people. The lights that could be placed down at the skatepark would be able to aid young talent in learning new skills on skateboards,bikes,scooters and rollerblades as well as those who work full time to ride at night. Countries such as Australia, America and England have lights at many top skateparks. These countries have some of the best extreme sports talent coming out of there country as they are able to train and not be restricted by nightfall.
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  • Upgrade of public facilities at Chingford Park
    Chingford has been a popular park for many years, with grand trees, structures and green spaces. The Lindsay Creek winds through the park next to the great children's playground. Tracks weave over the hillside through the established forest. Archery, soccer, orienteering, and athletics all take place here. The park is regularly used for picnics, birthday parties and celebrations, enjoyed by young and old alike. We ask that the council upgrade the facilities provided here to meet the public needs in this popular space. Installing public toilets, extending picnicking facilities, keeping the fields well drained, and ensuring the water quality of the creek is safe for people to play in. Parks are a place for people to come together and enjoy the outdoors and Chingford is a great park. Council investment in Chingford's facilities will ensure it meets the needs of the community it serves now and into the future.
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  • Stop NZ Child Poverty
    BECAUSE THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN LIVING BELOW THE NZ POVERTY LINE KEEPS INCREASING Poor and overcrowded housing a major contributor to poverty 305,000 Kiwi kids in poverty Children are a country's future 80,000 young adults with no job no training no future Govt has borrowed over $60 billion since 2007 with little positive result Debt must be repaid by our children and grandchildren Christchurch wrecked Needs thousands of tradespeople $40 to $50 billion going into rebuild Auckland's building boom also needs many tradespeople Elephant in room is lack of home ownership THE PLAN Building houses trains tradespeople Houses improve children's health Increases learning potential Saves health system money House ownership gives families appreciating asset which can get next generation into homes Improves social stability and community pride Training upskills workforce Provides higher incomes Families more independent Less reliant on welfare WE NEED Half to one million registered voters to sign People with skills in media,public relations,town planning,architectural design etc to offer help (contact BruceBenton@clear.net.nz 0272428414 or Neha Hakaria 021612680 nehahak55@gmail.com ) THIS PROJECT WILL ONLY SUCCEED IF THE NZ PUBLIC FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS GREAT LITTLE COUNTRY
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  • Get GDC to Adopt this Resolution to Protect Gisborne from the TPPA
    As our elected Council, GDC needs to address the TPP and its effects on our community. This resolution will ensure they voice their willingness to protect us as much as they can. Other major NZ cities have adopted these resolutions and Gisborne should be next. Cities include Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin among others. Adopt this resolution. Protect our Gisborne community.
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