• Say no to the sale of synthetic drugs in hawkes bay
    We must say NO to synthetic drugs being sold here in Hawkes Bay Since its release synthetic drugs have broken up happy families and has ruined the lives of a lot of our youth. It's up to us to make a stand.
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    Created by Omar Hoetawa
  • Freedom Camping rental levy
    Most of the rental vehicles used by tourists do not have toilet facilities. Those that do are often dumped inappropriately. The rental companies are profiting greatly and take no responsibility for the problem. The tourists are our guests so it is right for the facilities to be provided. Approx 1.7million nights per annum are spent in rental vehicles/campers. All I ask is that the companies which profit, collect the levy and pass it on to DOC or a suitable organisation. The facilities will create employment and enhance the experience of NZ for all visitors.
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    Created by Roger Gough
  • Establishing a feed-in tariff for electricity
    This would give more certainty to those planning p/v installations, would encourage people to install such panels, increase our non-fossil fuel power generation, increase the grid resilience with power fed in at many points, enable hydro storage to be saved during sunshine hours, encourage businesses manufacturing and installing such systems, and help reduce our addiction to fossil energy. A number of other countries have legislated such a tariff.
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  • End anonymous campaign donations in New Zealand politics
    In order to have a transparent and trustworthy government, the public need to know who is putting money into their pockets, and with what motives. It's time for us to band together and demand an end to anonymous campaign donations in New Zealand. Openness and clarity is needed in these modern times of dirty politics and back-room dealings. As a great man once said: The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. - John F. Kennedy
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    Created by Deke Hobbs
  • Total ban on the sale of fireworks in New Zealand
    The safety of our children is paramount and yet year after year around early November we hear of horrendous accidents with children, animals and peoples property due to miss use of fireworks. Why do we continue to celebrate an overseas anniversary that turned into a disaster in the end. Furthermore, the animal Injuries and distress caused around this time is significant and totally unnecessary. IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW. IT HAS GONE ON FAR TOO LONG
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  • Make the 10th July a public holiday
    The 10th of July should be made a New Zealand public holiday because on the 10th July 1985 French secret agents, posing as interested supporters or tourists toured the Rainbow Warrior. Later they planted a bomb on the hull of the ship. When the bomb detonated it sank the boat and killed crewmember Fernando Pereira. This tragic event was the spark that ignited the anti Nuclear movement in New Zealand and helped to define a great part of the New Zealand identity. The sinking of the Rainbow warrior is as much a part of New Zealand's great history as is the Queen's (official) birthday. We should use this year, the 30th anniversary of that fateful day, to remember and to set into law the 30th of July as a public holiday.
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    Created by Maya McNicoll
  • Stop Fracking Now
    We think the Government should STOP FRACKING NOW because we want to preserve everything that is good about our way of life in Aotearoa New Zealand; our beautiful lands, forests and beaches; clean, pure air; rivers and lakes with water that is fit to drink and healthy food grown on unpolluted soil. Scotland and New York State recently joined Vermont State, France, Bulgaria and many other states, regions, counties, cities and towns in countries around the world with a ban or moratorium on fracking. The New York fracking ban was declared in December 2014 after state officials conducted a thorough, two-year investigation and found the potential health and environmental impacts are too great to allow fracking to proceed. Scientists have documented the damaging effects of human and animal exposure to fracking contamination in surface waterways, groundwater aquifers, air and soil. During every aspect of fracking dangerous toxins enter our environment: • Toxic chemicals used in fracking, methane, radon and hydrogen sulphide gases, radioactive particles, hydrocarbons and heavy metals can escape into groundwater and are brought to the surface in produced water, fracking flowback, gas, oil and sludge. • Accidental spills pollute land and waterways. • FLIR camera studies show fugitive emissions of methane and other gases continuously escaping from drilling rigs, well-sites, compressor stations, pipelines and other industry infrastructure. • Volatile organic compounds are released into the air from wastewater pits, evaporation pits, misting and the industry practice of burning excess gas and waste fluids (flaring). • Contaminated fracking waste is entering the foodchain through discharges to waterways, landfarming and other disposal methods. Other serious dangers from fracking include: • Earthquakes - seismically induced quakes that result from fracking are generally of low intensity but the widespread practice of injecting fracking waste fluids into deep disposal wells has caused moderate to strong earthquakes in the USA, resulting in structural damage. • Water Depletion - each fracking operation uses between 7 and 20 million litres of water (sometimes more) and a production well can be fracked up to 10 times in order to maintain the flow of oil or gas. The water cannot be used for any other purpose. Weather extremes from rapid climate change bring increased danger of drought. We should protect and ration our precious supplies of fresh water for essential use in primary industries like food production, not squander them on a sunset industry. • Climate Change - the production, transport, and burning of gas, along with fugitive emissions, produces significant air pollution. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and is over 20 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. More and more fracking will undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. We can join other progressive nations and lead the world in reducing our reliance on dangerous fossil fuels. We can Stop Fracking Now as the first step in our transition to clean renewable energy. Petition created by Frack Free Aotearoa New Zealand and supported by: Stop the Drilling on our East Coast Climate Justice Taranaki Te Uru Pounamu Frack Free Bay of Plenty Frack Free Whanganui Don't Frack the Bay Greenpeace NZ Frack Free Hawkes' Bay Frack Free Canterbury Thanks to Fiona Clark for the photograph. References and more information: https://www.facebook.com/notes/frack-free-aotearoa-new-zealand/stop-fracking-now-petition-references-and-more-information/699692466810387
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    Created by Frack Free Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Don't send our troops to Iraq
    For more than 30 years (1) NZ has been fighting fire with fire. We keep sending troops to fight in the Middle East and it has only succeeded in bringing more death and destruction, not only to the innocent people in those countries, but more recently, to our friends and families closer to home. A 2008 report (2) found that only 8% of terrorist groups, since 1968, have ended their activities as a result of military force. In fact, more terrorist groups ended due to completing their goals (10%) than as a result of military force! So the question is, what are we hoping to achieve by sending Kiwi troops to Iraq and Syria? So far all we’ve heard is that joining the fight is the “price of the club” (3). In the 1980s, allowing United States ships to dock in our country was also the ‘price of the club’. But then we stood up. New Zealanders decided to be nuclear free despite our obligations under the ANZUS treaty (4). We knew nuclear weapons made the world a more dangerous place and we took action. As a New Zealander, I am proud of what we did then and throughout our history we have always been a nation that has done what is right. I believe that we need to continue this trend. Parliament will be debating sending troops to Iraq soon. We need to stand up and say "no more fighting". We need to let our government know that we are done supporting wars which make this world a more dangerous place to live in. We need to let them know that we do not support sending our troops to Iraq. (1) Tucker, S. C. (2010). The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts. ABC CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA. (2) Rand Corporation (2008). How terrorist groups end: Lessons for Countering al Qa’ida. Retrieved from http://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/monographs/2008/RAND_MG741-1.pdf. (3) NZ Herald (2015). Prime Minister John Key: Isis fight 'price of the club'. Retrieved from http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11389202. (4) New Zealand bans nuclear material (n.d.). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANZUS#New_Zealand_bans_nuclear_material.
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    Created by Joseph Graddy
  • No mega landfill in Dome Valley
    The Dome Valley is not the ideal place for a landfill due to environmental, climate conditions and traffic risks. The proposed mega landfill is to service Auckland and Northland's waste landfill for the next 30 years and beyond. It is situated in a high river valley of 156 hectares with a tributary of the Hoteo running through the bottom of it. This runs into the Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand' s biggest harbour and main breeding ground for many species of fish and bird including 80 % snapper stocks traced back to Kaipara. The proposal includes up to 300 truck/ trailers per day transporting waste to Dome Valley on SH 1. At present an area of native forest, and multitude of waterways that flood with extreme rain events common in the Dome. This area is a haven to many endangered species (native) including the very rare and unique Hochstetters frog.
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  • Register for
    The deposit is $40, and should be paid within 2 days of submitting this registration form. Please pay to: L SHERRELL 38-9008-0266680-06 . Please put your name/names of whom you're paying for, and 'deposit', in the reference. Let us know if you're unable to pay the deposit within two days, and we can arrange an alternative timeline.
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  • Feedback on surface water activities on Lake Pukaki
    The Council is seeking your feedback so they can make decisions on new or amended provisions in the Mackenzie District Plan. Here is the link to their website and the plan change documents: Link to Consultation Documents Here are the options outlined by Council for your consideration and feedback: Amend Permitted Activities Outdoor Recreational Activities rule 7.1.2 by removing the statement referring to commercial recreation on or within waterbodies being a permitted activity. AND/OR Create a new rule for commercial activities on or within water bodies recognising the sensitivity of the waterbodies to disturbance. Reduce the character, intensity and scale limits for recreational activities with regard to activities on or within waterbodies i.e. cause consent to be required for a lesser scale of operation than is currently the case. Here are the options outlined by Council for your consideration and feedback: Amend Permitted Activities Outdoor Recreational Activities rule 7.1.2 by removing the statement referring to commercial recreation on or within waterbodies being a permitted activity. AND/OR Create a new rule for commercial activities on or within water bodies recognising the sensitivity of the waterbodies to disturbance. Reduce the character, intensity and scale limits for recreational activities with regard to activities on or within waterbodies i.e. cause consent to be required for a lesser scale of operation than is currently the case. In essence, this means they are looking to make important rule changes to control activities in on the surface waters of lakes in the Mackenzie, including Lake Pukaki, and are asking the public for feedback. Some people won’t like these changes and it is important that you let Council know your views on the need for rule changes that provide the highest level of protection for Lake Pukaki.
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    Created by Kaye Paardekooper
  • Ban Supermarket use of plastic bags
    The fact is, as plastic weathers it breaks down and is easily mistaken for food by fish. A document produced by the Seafood Industry Council and Maritime New Zealand states that in parts of the world "fish are becoming seriously contaminated by plastic pollution". Plastic ingestion also kills turtles and seabirds. It's time New Zealand played its part in curbing the scourge.
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    Created by william buchanan