• Ban Supermarket use of plastic bags
    The fact is, as plastic weathers it breaks down and is easily mistaken for food by fish. A document produced by the Seafood Industry Council and Maritime New Zealand states that in parts of the world "fish are becoming seriously contaminated by plastic pollution". Plastic ingestion also kills turtles and seabirds. It's time New Zealand played its part in curbing the scourge.
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  • Recycle Plastic Bags
    Plastic bags do not break down, they fill up our landfill and end up in our water ways contributing to a global issue of pollution that is killing our marine life. Up until late last year we had plastic bag recycling in the Rotorua district and the removal of this service is a huge step backwards for our community and the clean green image that New Zealand presents to the world. Other district councils support the recycling of plastic bags and our council needs to resolve this serious problem.
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    Created by Trudi Herniman
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  • Enforce slow driving rules
    It increases impatience in other drivers, causes congestion, and is tiring on other drivers by both increasing their journey time and placing them in high stress situations.
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  • Remove Losi Filipo from Wellington Rugby and ban him for life from playing rugby in New Zealand
    It is very important that all New Zealanders are treated the same and that rugby players are not exempt from the law. When Losi Filipo made an unprovoked attack on 2 men and 2 women in October 2015. Filipo also punched two women. "He kept repeating us that he wanted to fight. I was smashed to the ground and then my head was stomped on over and over." However, Filipo has been discharged without conviction to protect his rugby career and Wellington Rugby, despite saying it does not condone Filipo's violence, has condoned it by keeping him in the Wellington team. A person from any other occupation would not have received a discharge without conviction. Reports show that Filipo has learnt nothing from this incident by threatening one of his former victims after being discharged. "Hayden Williams, 22, another of Filipo's victims, saw the rugby player about a week after the court case while standing outside a bar in Wellington. "He walked passed me and I asked him if he was still punching girls," says Williams. "He signalled out to his friends and two of them came over and yelled at me asking for a fight." "Losi was laughing at me and kept saying he'd been through court. I felt like he was laughing that he'd been through court and got off." This petition is important because it tells Filipo that he hasn't got off and by removing him from rugby you also pass the message that rugby everywhere in the world is a sport that does not condone brutality and violence.
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    Created by Paul Senior
  • Drop Losi Filipo from Wellington Rugby (WRFU) or Boycott Their Games
    Should Losi Filipo be allowed to attack 4 people, ruining one's rugby career in the process? Ironically, post this attack, he will go on and play for the same team that his victim was aiming to play for? Should we set the precedent, that if you are a professional rugby player, you can get away with crimes due to your on-field talents? Stomping on a mans head while he is unconscious, and taking away his ability to play the sport he loves, is more than enough reason to consider boycotting WRFU as they continue to support a man who has proven to commit violent crime. Nevermind the fact, that he assaulted 3 other individuals that evening, two of them female. CRIMES THAT LOSI FILIPO PLEADED GUILTY TOO: -Assault with intent to injure -Male assaults female x 2 -Injures with intent to injure Let WRFU know, that we care about who represents our region.
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  • Feed the Kids Bill
    Currently, over 300,000 kiwi kids are living in poverty. These children live without basic necessities that most of us take for granted, such as food, warm clothes, or even a bed. This will impact the children's wellbeing and will cause illnesses which, in some cases, can lead to death. This can severely damage their vital development which takes place from infancy to adolescence, and will most likely cause long-lasting issues that the child will have to suffer with for the rest of their lives. If we do nothing to stop this issue, it will continue to grow and affect more and more innocent children in New Zealand.
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    Created by Anna Meuli
    Selwyn Clarke is a WWII veteran who fought with the 28th Maori Battalion against fascist governments bent on world domination. In December 2015 the New Zealand government vindictively cut his Veteran's Pension because he refused to appear before its courts after he was trespassed for peacefully repossessing his own land. We believe Selwyn ought to be able to hold and exercise the rights to: 1. Peacefully protest without fear of retribution from government. 2. Receive his Veteran's Pension. He fought against fascism for our rights, now it's our turn to fight for his.
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    Created by Anahera Herbert-Graves
    WATER !!! Our life force. Clean Water is our right to Survival !!! The effects of Toxic Hard Rock Mining and Drilling will upset an already natural imbalance with the further distribution of Mercury that is already there. The level of toxins and waste from mining will be catastrophic to the neighbouring areas, rivers, harbours and sea. It is unjustifiable to risk health, environmental, ecosystem devastation along with farming and crop growing. The effects of toxic waste are already being experienced and the damage is irreversible and life threatening. For generations people have pumped water from springs and bores to drink and still do drink from springs and bores. Toxic Mining eliminates all use of water which is a necessary life support for all living beings. We ask that the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council advocates for the people and communities they serve by making a public statement of opposition to Toxic Mining in Puhipuhi and they express their opposition generally and on any occasion they are consulted on this topic. We need to take real action now and say No to Toxic Mining.
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    Created by Laurel Mengelberg
  • Cycle lanes on Ponsonby rd
    To help create a cycle culture. Ponsonby road is iconic for fashion and entertainment. It has outdoor dining, cafes, bars and fashion boutiques along its whole length. It is a place for people and it is currently dominated by traffic. Though It is culturally and geographically perfect for cycling, It currently feels very dangerous to cycle along It has room for a protected bike lane if one of the existing car lanes was re-allocated, the parking zone moved away from the footpath and a bike lane inserted between the footpath and the parked cars. Advantages for society: - Get kids riding to school - thereby reducing school traffic - Get people fit - save on healthcare costs - Reduce emissions - improve air quality -reduce global warming - Improve Auckland's carbon footprint - Improve quality of life for people in Ponsonby
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    Created by Philip Hurdle
  • Stop weed spraying with glyphosate
    The health and safety of families exposed to this cancer causing toxin are at risk. We do not need to use it when organic alternatives are available.
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    Created by Barry Thomson