• Support Xenotransplantation in New Zealand
    New Zealand could become the world-leaders for this treatment but it requires more government funding for this to go ahead. An investment in this treatment will not only benefit thousands of people worldwide and have potential long term savings, but it will also offer thousands of high-skilled jobs for university graduates, and other New Zealanders who are keen to be part of the technology of the future. Tourists would be able to travel to New Zealand for this treatment, which would help our economy and increase profits for business owners. We ask David Cunliffe, Minister of Health to further the conversation with Parliament that would allow funding into Xenotransplantation to occur. If this were to happen, thousands of type 1 diabetics would live a safer life with more normal blood glucose levels, and not have to be worried about dying in their sleep due to hypoglycemia (lack of sugar). New Zealand's employment and economy would improve, and we would earn the reputation for being the world's leading country in transplantation. Help support the future of science and sign the petition today
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  • 支持新西兰华人父母团聚探亲类签证的请愿 Supporting Long-term Parent Visa
    “他肥胖的身子向左微倾,显出努力的样子。这时我看见他的背影,我的泪很快地流下来了。我赶紧拭干了泪,怕他看见,也怕别人看见。” 朱自清的《背影》,海外的游子们都深有感触。自从父母团聚移民被暂停关闭之后,一些年轻的移民家庭,就面临着与至亲分隔两地的困境。 不知道是哪里来的数据表明,亚裔移民的父母,占用了新西兰大量的社会资源和公共福利。所以,他们说父母团聚移民只给新西兰社会带来负担,没有贡献,所以应该被暂停。 家庭,是华人生活的核心。四世同堂的天伦之乐,是中国人津津乐道的一种幸福。父母是我们的核心家庭成员,不是可有可无的一部分。我们只是想让父母在我们身边呆得久一点,多陪陪他们说说话,带他们到处去走走看看。我们有能力也愿意负担父母的生活和养老开支。 家庭,是华人社会的根基。华人移民们辛勤工作,任劳任怨,承担起了新西兰社会中大量基础而重要的工作。然而,移民对新西兰社会做出的贡献,不仅仅是经济上的。华人移民也是新西兰多元文化社会的重要支柱。试想如果没有华人移民,新西兰人如何能享受到蓬勃发展的对华关系,各种中餐美食,春节和元宵灯会的欢声笑语,还有各地中国花园的美景。 当前的游客签证,一次最多只能让父母呆六个月的时间。这让很多华人家庭,无法在心理上满足家庭团聚的向往。如果能够让华人移民的父母在这里长期居住,又不给新西兰的福利体系带来额外的负担,不仅可以让华人家庭充满欢声笑语,让新西兰的多元文化有更为稳定的社会基础,还能给新西兰经济带来很大的消费力。何乐而不为呢? 更何况,加拿大、澳大利亚和美国,都有专门面向移民父母的长期探亲签证。新西兰不妨参考一下其他国家的操作,开放父母访问的长期签证。天维菌通过独家民意调查发现绝大多数华人都支持一下两种父母团聚方式。天维菌发起这个网上请愿,让更多人听到华人移民的心声。 一、重启父母团聚移民。重启父母团聚移民普通类签证,让父母获得新西兰的永久居民权,但在申请时需要提供已经购买的医疗保险和养老保险证明。居民权需要在购买保险的前提下生效,不享受退休金福利。 二、开放父母长期访问签证。有效期5-10年,多次往返,单次最长停留时间为1-2年。由其自己或子女负担父母在新西兰期间的生活和医疗等支出。 新西兰社会应该欢迎我们的父母,而不是他们视为负担和麻烦。让我们共同努力,为华人父母争取他们应有的权利。 It is undoubted that migrants made huge contribution to New Zealand society. They formed the root of our multiculturalism and diversity. Also, they have always played an essential part of business, cultural and political success in New Zealand. Thus, parents should be highly recognized for their contribution to the family and support to our endeavors. However, the Immigration Minister has announced a two-year halt of the Parent Resident Visa category, which has put many new migrants’ families into a difficult situation. Staying with family members, spending time with children and grandchildren is not only a dream of many Chinese parents, but a long last tradition shared by most Chinese families. But the current visitor visa only allows the parents to stay up to 9 months, which cannot meet the wish of parents to stay longer with their children. If the parents of Chinese migrants can stay in NZ for a longer period of time than the current visitor visa allows, it would bring more happiness to the Chinese families. This movement will not only form a more stable social foundation of our multicultural society, but also contribute to the NZ economy. It would be a win-win solution.
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  • Oppose the renewal of the liquor licence for the Kaiti TAB/Sports Bar
    Our tamariki deserve to be safe. The Kaiti Mall is almost directly across the road from Kaiti School, and children are often at the mall. By reducing the opportunities for people to consume alcohol we reduce the risk of exposing our most precious and vulnerable asset to alcohol harm.
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  • The Dairy Industry Needs to do More
    This is important because it will reduce emissions that New Zealand has set in place in the Paris Agreement and will overall create healthier rivers, reduce the carbon and methane emissions, and will force responsibility on the Dairy Industry.
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    Created by Brooke Edell
  • Stop freedom camping at Rotary Park, Dunedin
    Freedom camping at Rotary Park would directly interfere with other many uses of the Park enjoyed by locals. It would be open to vandalism of sensitive infrastructure and park resources. It would also be a cost to rate-payers with cleaning and security needed constantly. It would mean an increase in traffic and noise and should not be allowed in a residential area where it is surrounded by properties.
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  • Refuse Rex Tillerson entry to New Zealand
    Climate change is real, the evidence is there in black and white, it is no 'hoax'. The US is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions through its ongoing focus on burning fossil fuels. New Zealand must make a stand for the rest of the global community and send a message to the US Government: "your reckless and ill-thought through decisions impact all global citizens. We will not stand by and let this carnage carry on."
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    Created by Joanna Macfarlane
  • Stop Watercare! Say NO to the destruction of native bush in Titirangi for a water treatment plant
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjX954J1zjI Watercare is proposing to build a new massive water treatment plant in Manuka Road and Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi, next to the existing plant. The construction of this plant will destroy more than 1000 trees over four hectares of significant native mature bush – including a large part of the very popular Clark Bush Track, bring an industrial sized plant to within four metres of local residents and put untold strain on roading and other infrastructure in surrounding communities including Titirangi, Woodlands Park, Waima, Laingholm, Glen Eden and beyond. The ecological assessment of the proposed site has been limited to minimal vegetation and bird count surveys, with no assessment of the other flora and fauna that might be present, including bats, lizards or insects, and no considerations of impacts on fresh water ecology. If this project goes ahead in Titirangi, it would be an ecological and social disaster, an insult to the environmental pioneers that helped create the essential character of Titirangi and an absolute disgrace for the green image of New Zealand. Phil Goff promised Aucklanders to protect our native heritage trees. Now he has the chance to stand by his word when both our native bush and community are under threat. We call on him and Auckland Council to reject the environmental consent to clear the bush for a Water Treatment Plant in Titirangi and send Watercare back to the drawing board. Help us stop Watercare now. For additional information, please check our Facebook page and website below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TitirangiPG/ https://protecttitirangi.org/
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  • Save our Reserves
    Valuable public open spaces are now under threat from this Government, which wants to carve up and sell our parks for housing developments. Once it’s sold, it’s gone forever. Save Our Reserves (SOR) emerged as a response to a proposed housing development on Point England Reserve, Auckland. We thought this reserve would be a reserve forever. It’s a wonderful open space with rural character, playing fields and endangered birds. However the Government plans to sell 11.69 hectares (28.88 acres) of the land to Ngāti Paoa (or other developers) for a housing development as part of their Treaty settlement. We support iwi in getting fair treaty settlement but do not agree to public reserves being used as commercial property. We realise that this sets a dangerous precedent for other reserves, and have formed a group to help other communities who will face similar losses under this Government. This petition is a push back to say NO to housing on parks, sports fields and public reserves across New Zealand so communities don’t have to fight individual battles. We don’t want central government forcing local councils to rezone public open space for housing. The development will destroy the primary roosting habitat of 50-90% of the remaining wild shorebirds in the Tāmaki Estuary. The development proposed in this Bill covers 50% of the endangered New Zealand dotterel nesting ground. This intensive housing development will bring cats and dogs and people into the nesting ground, evicting the birds. For explanatory notes and background to the petition visit http://saveourreserves.org.nz/petition/
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  • NZ Deserves Honest Swimming Standards
    A recently released report from NIWA showed that the Government's proposed swimming standards were worse than those from the 2014 policy. Despite the Government claiming to have a goal of swimmable rivers by 2040, their policy weakened human health standards and only applies to 10% of the whole country's waterways. This won't solve our problems. It will only make them worse. Please use this form to make an official submission to the Ministry for the Environment's National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management. Submissions are open now until 5pm Thursday 25 May. New Zealanders have asked the Government and the Ministry for the Environment again and again for a genuine swimmable bottom line for rivers & lakes. Aotearoa New Zealand has serious problems of freshwater contamination and polluted rivers and lakes. We must take steps to stop this situation from getting worse and to begin to turn this around. The first step is to write strong protection for rivers and lakes into our country's freshwater policy. We can do this now and, in doing so, it will influence the work of local councils, industry and government to improve freshwater management so that rivers and lakes are protected for all New Zealanders. The OECD wrote in its 2017 Environmental Performance Review that New Zealand is reaching environmental limits and that freshwater pollution is one of areas of degradation that threatens the health of our people, our environment and our economy. As Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor said in a recent interview on his report on the state of the nation's freshwater, "The reality is we cannot keep going as we have been." He's right and the public is right. We have to change and the first step for improving the health of our rivers and lakes is this freshwater policy. It is the document on which decisions around the country will be made. Let's make it the best and the strongest it can be for the sake of this beautiful country. [1] https://niwa.co.nz/news/niwa-technical-background-report-for-mfe-clean-water-swimmability-proposals-for-rivers [2] http://www.mfe.govt.nz/sites/default/files/microbiological-quality-jun03.pdf
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  • Biased TV programme to be canned- OceanBounty
    It is very important that when offering an insight into a resource of national importance such as our fishery, it is done with fairness, accuracy, and a balanced insight. The standards that have been breached are outlined below as interpreted on the broadcasting standards authority website. Balance Only applies to news, current affairs or factual programming which discusses a controversial issue of public importance. Broadcasters must make reasonable efforts to present competing viewpoints about important issues. Accuracy Only applies to news, current affairs or factual programming. Programmes should be accurate in relation to 'material points of fact' and should not mislead. Fairness Only applies to individuals or organisations taking part or referred to in a programme. Key issues include informed consent, informed participation and reasonable opportunity to comment. The Ocean Bounty programme presented by Graham Sinclair is only a representation of one of the user groups of the NZ public EEZ, says the United Peoples Movement NZ. The program has no representation from Customary Maori or Recreational Fishing groups and is therefore legally unbalanced viewing. The skipper of the offshore vessel San Aspiring gave a statement that the inshore fishery was something to be proud of. We are not proud of the near extinction of the Maui Dolphin on the west coast of the North Island, due to commercial fishermen over catching the mammal in their nets as by-catch. Therefore the skipper's views were proved to be inaccurate. As if witnessing through released reports the widespread fish dumping that is occurring and the granting of video surveillance of the commercial sector to a company owned wholly by the commercial fishing sector, that unfortunately lost 80% of footage during trials wasn’t enough. There is already serious concerns of a conflict of interest with regards to the National Party presidents role with Sanford's, our fishery management is farcical enough without allowing this free to air one-sided view of our nation's fishery go to air. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/political/305148/minister-defends-fishing-industry-monitoring https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/company-hired-monitor-commercial-fishing-loses-footage Let's look at the breaches in this program first as we will get to the corrupt conflict of interest claims come 23/9. From the moment former Prime minister of NZ John Key began to speak at the start of the first episode, we got a snapshot of the unbalanced, one-sided reporting we were going to be subjected to seeing. This was very much a promotion for the National Party of New Zealand and offered no balance to the statements being made by John Key or the commercial fisherman being interviewed that followed. The other side of the coin with regards to the Toothfish fishery was not spoken of which failed to give fairness and balance to the issue of toothfish being sustainable during episode 2. The link below is one of many documented articles which contradict that of the views portrayed in this one-sided program. https://www.seashepherdglobal.org/icefish/about-the-campaign/defending-toothfish.html The claims that our fishery is in a good shape and is the envy of the world is false. Our fishery is not in a stable shape and as a whole is depleting and being overfished. Various research and admissions in the media have highlighted this, and by the ministries own admission, these claims are misleading and inaccurate. Link shows MPI's own officials think fish dumping is high. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/304235/mpi's-own-officials-think-fish-dumping-is-high Reports in episode one that portray the crayfish industry in a good light is questionable. Sustainbly harvesting crayfish to support our population is farcical and untrue. Over 90% exported live is accurate, but we have more chance going to the shop to buy an imported Canadian lobster than a fresh, best in the world nz crayfish. A conflicting and well written article by Scott Macindoe of Legasea is attached below. http://www.legasea.co.nz/crayfish.php This program, Oceans Bounty, bought and paid for by the Commercial fishing industry and hiring the services of our so called "recreational representative" Graham Sinclair clearly breaches the 3 broadcasting standards of Balance, Accuracy and Fairness. We ask for the immediate removal of this series from tv3 and an apology from each of the sponsors and the host be aired to inform the public of this breach.
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  • Cycle way Pohutukawa Coast
    This road hugs the steep coast and twists and turns sharply. It is lined with Pohutukawa trees and has unique scenic beauty with every turn as hidden bays and vistas emerge. It is a popular destination for weekend picnicking and fisherman. The volume of weekend traffic on the coast is rising exponentially each year and is a detriment to the coastal experience. A balance between the weekend motorist and outdoor activity is a sensible solution. By sharing the road with one way traffic and a cycle/ pedestrian way it will enable greater access overall. Currently it is difficult for vehicles to pull over to the shoulder to enjoy the view. Giving pedestrians and cyclists greater access and freedom will make this site a must do activity in the Auckland region. This section of the highway is not a commuter road and is in fact a slower route to Clevedon so the one way aspect will not have any negative affects to locals or tourists.
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  • We need a loo at Hockey Reserve Playground, Nelson
    Children are currently forced to ‘water’ the surrounding planting which is unhygienic and avoidable. The council has listened to the wider community against freedom camping and it is time it listened to the needs of its youngest citizens and helped them avoid the inevitable. Help us show the Council how necessary a public toilet facility is by signing our petition.
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