Stop big irrigation and Save Our Rivers

New Zealand’s once pristine lakes and rivers are fast becoming heavily polluted by industrial dairying and our agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise.

To protect our rivers and our climate we urgently need to reduce the number of dairy cows in NZ but right now there are several irrigation schemes planned across NZ that will take the national dairy herd to record numbers.

These think-big irrigation schemes will suck water from rivers to grow more grass for more dairy cows. More dairy cows means more freshwater pollution and more climate emissions. Many of our councils are not only allowing these schemes to go ahead, but they’re funding them using millions of ratepayer dollars.

We need your help to stop this, here is your chance to lead your own campaign with our support, join others campaigning in your area or sign the petition to stay informed and put pressure on your local council to stop them funding these dirty schemes!

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Te waikoropupu springs

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  • Save Te Waikoropupū : Tasman District Councillors
    Te Waikoropupū (Pupū) springs in Golden bay has some of the clearest waters ever measured on earth. And right now they are under threat from an extreme proposal to take water from the rivers that feed the springs and use it to water grass for more dairy cows. More cows would mean more pollution in these pristine springs. If accepted the proposal would allow the springs to lose at least 20% of their world renowned clarity. It would also allow the level of nitrate pollution go above what National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has recommended is the safe upper limit. (1)(2) The springs are of immense cultural, ecological and spiritual importance to New Zealanders and are also visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. They are Wahi Tapu (sacred place) for local iwi. But in the coming months, Tasman District Councillors could accept this drastic proposal from a group called FLAG - the Takaka Freshwater Land and Advisory Group. This would be a disaster for the springs, for New Zealanders and for the local economy that depends on tourism. Our international reputation and one of our cherished places of unique natural beauty destroyed forever. These councillors have a choice to make. They can either protect the springs, or they can choose more dairy cows. We the undersigned call on them to protect and safeguard this national and international treasure for current and future generations. (1) (2)
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