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To: Auckland Transport

Allow fruit and vege gardens on Auckland's berms

Allow fruit and vege gardens on Auckland's berms

Auckland Transport's draft rules propose that planting vegetables and fruit trees on the berm, or roadside area outside your house, be banned because it could attract vermin. We call for this proposed rule to be dropped immediately.

Why is this important?

We believe it's a great thing to grow fresh and healthy food to share with your family and your community and banning the growing of fruit and veges on the verge is verging on ridiculous. We're calling for Auckland Transport to drop this silly rule. We think these shared spaces could be used to produce food, connect neighbours and communities, share skills and grow for bees and beneficial insects. We're calling on Kiwi gardeners to use this space in a productive way - possibly to grow fruit, veges and herbs that they are happy to share. Here's some more information about this proposal:


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Reasons for signing

  • I have been thinking exactly the same for many years...great to see i have others who are also thinking the same. Times are tough and will only get should always take food to eat no matter what...its our basic right!
  • Sharing is caring. Would rather have a use for the space than just grass.
  • Light up the Darkness! In the many years I lived away, I watched as the beautiful places of the world were ruined, the majesty of the people lost to all generations. I am not the child I was when I ran away, but I remember how to fight! Aotearoa 'will not go the way of the World' while I and one other are willing to defend her. So that's why I came home 'to dig in, show my people hope and make a stand'


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