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To: John Key

Allow Refugee Sponsorship in New Zealand

Allow Refugee Sponsorship in New Zealand

The New Zealand refugee quota stands at 750 people per year. The main arguments for not increasing this quota are that there is insufficient funding to house, educate and support the additional refugees.
In Canada there is a refugee sponsorship program whereby individuals or organisations can sponsor refugees to come to the country, The refugees are provided with residency and the privileges that come with it but no other government support. They are ineligible to access benefits or state housing for their first year in the country.
Instead they are supported by the community. Citizens can pledge their financial and humanitarian support.
The sponsored refugee quota is in addition to the state-funded quota. This model was implemented in Canada as a response to the South East Asian refugee crises of the 1970s.
We are asking that this model be introduced in New Zealand, in lieu of or in addition to an increased government refugee quota.
For more information about the Canadian program, please click here:

Why is this important?

The refugee situation in Europe has reached crisis point. It is important that New Zealand does its bit to help this global humanitarian issue. Our current quota is paltry.
Let New Zealanders decide how many refugees we can afford to help by opening their own hearts and wallets to help them. Give us a chance to do our bit.


Reasons for signing

  • Because my husband sebastian, was an asylium seeker from libia. He had a HARD time settling in to our community being gay and all. Vote yes on 242.
  • These people have lost everything. Home, country, livelihood.
  • Because it is simply chance that we were not born into a civil conflcit


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