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To: Auckland Council

Auckland Council make plastic bags a priority waste item to phase out

Auckland Council make plastic bags a priority waste item to phase out

As part of the Auckland Council Waste Management and Minimisation Plan we ask that Council:
1. prioritises serious work to phase out single use plastic shopping bags by 2020
2. works actively with retailers to achieve this
3. works actively with and makes funding available for business associations and community groups to achieve this
4 carries out an urgent scientific study on the impacts of single use plastic bags on the Auckland environment

Why is this important?

For the sake of wildlife, our climate, our oceans and creeks, we urgently need to phase out plastic shopping bags now.The Council is consulting on the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. But the scope of the plan does not include a phase out of plastic shopping bags. Sign here to tell Council this is an top priority.
In 2015 the Local Government Conference called on central Government to introduce a levy and phase out single use plastic bags. In 2017 Auckland mayor Phil Goff signed an open letter calling on the government to do the same, or enable Councils to charge their own levy. Currently Councils are unable to apply a levy to plastic bags. However, they can do many things, such as work in communities and with retailers to educate and support the phase out. It's time Council instructed staff to act on this urgently. 17,000 tonnes of soft plastics were sne tto landfill in 2016. Considering the light weight of plastic bags this is a huge number. Time to ban the bag.


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