To: The Environmental Protection Authority

Ban Corexit NOW before someone dies

Ban Corexit NOW before someone dies

Outlaw the use of Corexit in New Zealand.
Ban Corexit as a dangerous and hazardous substance.

Why is this important?

This highly toxic substance is sprayed upon oil spills as a disbursement agent. It is known to cause cancer and has been the cause of many deaths amongst oil spill clean up workers around the world. It is banned in 18 countries so why the hell are we using it!

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • This deadly chemical has been used in the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil blowout and is still killing marine life years later. Corexit must be Banned everywhere!
  • there is enough poison in this world!


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Take a look at this clip and remember that our lunatic government has already sprayed this shit on the whanau of Motiti island after the Rena hit the reef

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