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To: Government Minister

Ban single-use plastic cutlery

Ban single-use plastic cutlery

Inspired by recent news of France's ban of plastic cutlery, I encourage New Zealand government to consider banning single-use plastic cutlery as a step forward to reduce the rate of plastic pollution. Further New Zealand should promote the use of bio-degradable alternatives as a step forward in a more environmental country.

Why is this important?

Environmental impact and risk of health

Banning single-use plastic cutlery will definitely help reduce the amount of plastic pollution produced, many of which end in bodies of water causing damage to marine wildlife. More awareness need to be brought in order to raise awareness in pollution issues before the problem gets too big, plastics take up to hundreds of years to degrade, and by eliminating a part of the contribution to plastic pollution we will hopefully encourage further action taken to prevent more damage.

This is almost important as some researches have found that the hot water poured into styrofoam cups were found to have been contaminated with styrene. Styrene is a chemical often found in plastics (and it sometimes can leach off Polystyrene type plastics), and it definitely should not be for consumption as it can causes very serious health related problems.

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Seriously. We do not need plastic cutlery when there are alternatives out there or we can all bring our own. Unexpected takeouts shouldn't be an excuse. Animals don't deserve to be harmed by plastics. Our beaches and rivers should be pollution free for everyone to enjoy. Government needs to step in instead of relying on the consumer when businesses are not taking the responsibility. In 2018 we are already pouring a garbage truck load of plastic into the ocean every minutes. Please STOP!
  • I see too much of these plastics on beaches.
  • I've signed this petition, because I'm tired of walking along the beach &seeing straws, forks, knives etc, of course I pick them up, yet I wouldn't have to if these items were banned.


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