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To: Chris Laidlaw, Chairperson of Greater Wellington Regional Council

Ban Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser: Chris Laidlaw, Wellington Council

Ban Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser: Chris Laidlaw, Wellington Council

We the undersigned call on the Greater Wellington Regional Council to ban Synthetic Nitrogen fertiliser.

Why is this important?

Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser props up industrial dairy farming. It is used to grow too much grass for too many cows, polluting our rivers and warming the climate.

Since 1990, dairy cow numbers in New Zealand have more than doubled, whilst the use of Synthetic Nitrogen fertiliser has increased seven-fold (from 1990 to 2015). The dairy industry is now the country’s single biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and is causing huge pollution in our waterways.

The runoff from Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilisers pollutes our rivers and oceans, contaminating drinking water and killing wildlife. The scale of this is so huge, that 70% of our rivers are now too polluted to swim in.

When applied, Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser directly causes nitrous oxide emissions, a gas that's 289 times worse for the climate than CO2 and the most ozone-depleting one to boot. It's no surprise that agriculture is currently responsible for 49% of New Zealand's emissions.

But, we don’t need to use Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser. There is a better way to farm and New Zealand can become world leaders in practising it.

Together, we can support farmers to move towards regenerative farming. A way of farming that works with nature, not against it. There are farmers in New Zealand who are already farming regeneratively, and the practices they are using offer a genuine solution to the environmental crises we face.

This environmentally responsible approach not only eliminates the need for Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser, it has also been proven to be able to sequester carbon rather than emit it, rebuild biodiversity rather than diminish it, purify water rather than pollute it, and build healthy soil rather than degrade it.

To do all this, we need to get rid of the enablers of the old, destructive system. We need to ban Synthetic Nitrogen fertiliser.

Help Wellington become a leader in supporting sustainable agriculture.

Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • It'd be great to see the regional council stepping up to not only ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use but also educate farmers, horticulturalists and other land owners and users as to alternatives that are ecologically safe and in fact regenerative
  • because I care for the environment and I have concerns that we are leaving a toxic planet to the next generation
  • And we save energy by not making urea from natural gas too.


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