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To: Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

Remove Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser from our soil and waterways: Phil Goff, Auckland Council

Remove Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser from our soil and waterways: Phil Goff, Auckland Council

Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland,

We the undersigned call on the Auckland Council to ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser .

Why is this important?

Synthetic Nitrogen fertiliser props up industrial dairying. It is used to grow too much grass for too many cows, polluting our rivers and warming the climate.

But we don’t need it. There is a better way to farm and New Zealand can lead the world in practising it. Together, we can move towards regenerative farming. A way of farming that works with nature, not against it. But to do that, we need to get rid of the enablers of an old, destructive system. We need to ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

New Zealanders should have clean water to drink, clean rivers to swim in and a safe
climate to enjoy.

Dairy cow numbers have doubled since 1990, and in this same period the use of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser has increased seven-fold (from 1990 to 2015). The dairy industry is now the country’s single biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and is causing huge pollution in our waterways. 70% of our rivers are now too polluted to even swim in.

There are farmers in New Zealand who are already farming regeneratively without using
synthetic nitrogen. These farms and the revolutionary practices they are developing and using
offer a genuine solution to the environmental crises we face.

This environmentally responsible approach not only eliminates the need for synthetic nitrogen fertiliser, it has also been proven to be able to sequester carbon rather than emit it, rebuild biodiversity rather than diminish it, purify water rather than pollute it, and build healthy soil rather than degrade it.

Let's transform Auckland into a city we can all be proud of.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Put plastic free glass Aunt Jeans Milk In Countdown and Panknsave, cause anchor has plastic in it and kills sea life like turtles and whales.Allan
  • The climate is in crisis. Our bush & waterways are being destroyed for cows. We need to farm in a way that makes & keeps the planet healthy.
  • We must act as the water in the world is in a dire state.This step is one in the right direction !


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