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To: Steve Lowndes, Chairperson of Environment Canterbury

Ban Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser: Canterbury Regional Council (ECAN)

Ban Synthetic Nitrogen Fertiliser: Canterbury Regional Council (ECAN)

We the undersigned call on the Steve Lowndes and Canterbury Regional Council to ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser .

Why is this important?

Synthetic Nitrogen fertiliser props up industrial dairying. It is used to grow too much grass for too many cows, polluting our rivers and warming the climate.

But we don’t need it. There is a better way to farm and New Zealand can lead the world in practising it.

Together, we can move towards regenerative farming. A way of farming that works with nature, not against it. But to do that, we need to get rid of the enablers of the old, destructive system. We need to ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

Canterbury, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • I have worked in agriculture specialising in fertiliser alternatives for 20 years. we have better alternatives which with drastically different enviro footprints. The agricultural industry refuses to choose these directions.


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