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To: All shop owners and take-aways

Ban the Plastic Bag in the Far North!

Ban the Plastic Bag in the Far North!

We urge all Four Square owners, all retail and take-away shops and anyone giving plastic bags for free to AVOID offering single-use disposable plastic bags in their stores.

As we progress toward Zero-Waste, Far North visitors and residents want plastic-bag free shops as an immediate step!

Please encourage compostable bags.

Why is this important?

Single-use disposable plastic bags are not recycled and although often reused, they pollute and poison the marine and land environment and negatively impact human and animal health.
The ingestion of plastic in our sea waters seriously threatens turtles, whales, sea birds and myriad other creatures. Plastic bags take several hundred years to break down leaving microscopic pieces of highly toxic plastic in the environment as they fissure. Toxicity from plastic components has been scientifically linked to metabolic disorders and threats to fertility in humans and sea creatures.
Stopping the use of single-use disposable plastic bags is a relatively easy way we can make a positive difference.

Far North District, Northland

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  • because evrey animal needs a life


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