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We are calling on the Far North District Council Mayor John Carter, and CEO Colin Dale, to protect the public's health by banning the use of glyphosate within the Hokianga. Recently glyphosate was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Class 2A carcinogen, meaning, it probably causes cancer. We want to see the housing grounds and parking areas, street verges, berms and roadsides, public parks and walkways designated Glyphosate free zones.

Why is this important?

I understand that the norm for the roadside management of weeds is to spray with herbicides and understand that glyphosate is used. I note that it is possible for householders to opt out of sprays being used near their property by joining the 'no spray' register but feel that this is insufficient and that FNDC should move to a 'no spray' regime across the district for all roads, footpaths and parks.

There are significant concerns about the toxicity of glyphosate.

Recently glyphosate was classified by the World Health Organization
(WHO) as a Class 2A carcinogen, meaning, it probably causes cancer.
(1) Glyphosate is the world's most commonly sprayed weedkiller
and is the active ingredient in RoundUp (2) It is a product most
Council contractors use in keeping both urban and rural public areas weed
free. With cancer the leading cause of death in New Zealand, accounting for 29.4% of all deaths (3), it is important we protect the public, particularly children, from exposure to this chemical. The damning conclusion by the world's leading health experts means that the Council needs to take responsibility for protecting our health and making our beautiful district healthy and safe for all by completely stopping the use of glyphosate. The public spraying of this carcinogenic chemical is a violation of our human rights.

To continue to expose residents to the adverse health effects of this cancer-causing chemical is directly counter to the stated key outcomes of FNDC. I understand that viable, safe and cost-effective alternatives are available and are successfully used in other areas of the country.

Research has proven the cost effectiveness of hot water and foam treatment which is almost equal in cost to chemical spraying.

In 2009 French Professor Séralini's two year study on glyphosate
found it produced large cancerous tumours in rats (4). Because its
effects are cumulative and not immediate (that is they only show up
over a long period of time) people generally think it is safe.

Dr. Don Huber, an award-winning, international scientist, microbiologist
and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University (US) who
has 55+ years experience in research and expertise in the area of
plant pathology, says that contrary to the common claim of safety,
a large volume of peer-reviewed scientific information clearly
demonstrates that Roundup herbicide is chronically toxic to human and
animal tissues and leads to cancer, premature death, kidney and liver
failure, blood disorders and a host of other diseases (5). Dr Huber considers glyphosate is worse than DDT (6), and that there's also a correlation between glyphosate use & bee die off (7).

Our environment has long been subject to frequent spraying of this
toxic chemical. In 2009 France's highest Court ruled that Roundup
(active ingredient glyphosate) is not biodegradable nor does it "keep
the soil clean" as Monsanto had previously advertised. (8) It has
now also been found present in human blood, urine and breast milk. (7)

I request that FNDC move to spray-free management of all roadsides, footpaths and parks in the district.

Help us make all areas in Hokianga both glyphosate
and chemical free now.

[1] and [2]







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  • Old way was to pile up dried weeds up and burn so the particles drifted over living weeds.This killed them .This is a fact and is what they did before spraying with chemicals .
  • There is always an alternative (safer, healthier and better for the environment) - find it and use it!!!


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