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Compulsory registration & neutering of all non-exempt cats & dogs in NZ.

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Kazel Cass
Compulsory registration & neutering of all non-exempt cats & dogs in NZ.

1. Introduce registration of all cats and dogs in NZ.
2. Pet breeders will require a breeders licence. Pet sellers will need to show that their animals are sourced from a licensed breeder.
The licence fees help to fund the neutering of all non-breeding pets.
3. Publicly subsidised animal neutering. Compulsory neutering of any animal of an unlicensed owner. Fines for non-compliance.
4. Public education about the environmental cost of pet ownership.
5. An ethical rating system applied to pet food

Why is this important?

Carnivorous pets have a high "ecological footprint"

The over-breeding of pets in NZ has a high cost to our environment, to voluntary organisations such as the SPCA and has an impact on wildlife as well as global fisheries.

Pet numbers are already limited by a maximum by most city councils, so over-breeding of pets means we have a large number of animals that need to be fed or put down every year.

Pet food often contains palm oil and GE ingredients. A rating system that takes into account the use of meat not suitable for human consumption and improved farming practices can promote the reduction of the carbon footprint of pet food.

While most pet owners find the feeding of ex racing horse, kangaroo and vermin to pets disgusting, it is more environmentally friendly to do so than to farm beef or chicken.

Calculations by Deakin University researchers show an estimated 2.48 million tonnes of forage fish are used each year by the global cat food industry. Fish are a biological resource that is becoming scarce. Unsustainable fishing practices including human slavery are part of the cat food industry.

Reasons for signing

  • Cats and dogs need o be controlled ,I love both but they should only be allowed to be breed by a registered breeder so we can get ride of stray animals.
  • I love cats - but I also hate what they do to our native animals - especially cats that are not pets.


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