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Cycle lanes on Ponsonby rd

Put protected cycle lanes down the full length of ponsonby rd

Why is this important?

To help create a cycle culture. Ponsonby road is iconic for fashion and entertainment. It has outdoor dining, cafes, bars and fashion boutiques along its whole length. It is a place for people and it is currently dominated by traffic. Though It is culturally and geographically perfect for cycling, It currently feels very dangerous to cycle along
It has room for a protected bike lane if one of the existing car lanes was re-allocated, the parking zone moved away from the footpath and a bike lane inserted between the footpath and the parked cars.
Advantages for society:
- Get kids riding to school - thereby reducing school traffic
- Get people fit - save on healthcare costs
- Reduce emissions - improve air quality -reduce global warming
- Improve Auckland's carbon footprint
- Improve quality of life for people in Ponsonby


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