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Cycle way Pohutukawa Coast

Cycle way Pohutukawa Coast

Change the Maraetai Coastal Rd between Maraetai and Duders Beach to a single one way road and instate a cycle/pedestrian lane. The opportunity to explore this hidden gem is spoilt by the high speed two way traffic. A recent closure due to weather related slips highlighted this remarkable opportunity as numerous folk were observed walking and cycling the coastal road.

Why is this important?

This road hugs the steep coast and twists and turns sharply. It is lined with Pohutukawa trees and has unique scenic beauty with every turn as hidden bays and vistas emerge. It is a popular destination for weekend picnicking and fisherman. The volume of weekend traffic on the coast is rising exponentially each year and is a detriment to the coastal experience. A balance between the weekend motorist and outdoor activity is a sensible solution. By sharing the road with one way traffic and a cycle/ pedestrian way it will enable greater access overall. Currently it is difficult for vehicles to pull over to the shoulder to enjoy the view. Giving pedestrians and cyclists greater access and freedom will make this site a must do activity in the Auckland region. This section of the highway is not a commuter road and is in fact a slower route to Clevedon so the one way aspect will not have any negative affects to locals or tourists.

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Reasons for signing

  • No more trees should go because of roads. We have enough roads but not enough trees
  • This would be great for the surrounding environment, look awesome like Omana esplanade and add another lovely dimension to living on the coast,or just visiting.
  • Makes sense


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