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To: Nick Grayston, CEO, The Warehouse Group

Ditch the plastic packaging. Now, please.

Ditch the plastic packaging. Now, please.

Get rid of all plastic packaging. It is unnecessary and destructive to the environment. Demand that your suppliers replace plastic with a sustainable alternative - cardboard, paper or other compostable material. Firstly, you can take immediate steps to reduce the (currently) excessive use of plastic wrap around pallets in warehouses. Then, how amazing would it be if New Zealand led the world in eradicating plastic altogether?

Why is this important?

Plastic is a global scourge. Every part of our environment is affected by it. Once here it never goes away. Ever. We have a huge problem on our hands to deal with the plastic that exists already. Our sea life is suffering and so, indirectly, are we.
New Zealand is the 10th worst wasteful country in the world.
41,000 tonnes of plastic was shipped overseas in 2017 for other people to deal with; much of it was burnt illegally, causing serious health issues to local people.
8 out of 9 commercially fished fish have ingested plastic.
2 out of 3 NZ turtles found dead, had plastic inside them.
(Facts sourced from Greenpeace NZ)

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