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To: Environmental Organizations and Entertainers

Earth Friends

Earth Friends

I would like to see large and small environmental organizations join together to help produce the animated screenplay call Earth Friends. It would:
Show unity among environmental groups which is sadly lacking.
It would help each group gain income from the proceeds of the movie so they may continue their own work helping this planet.

Why is this important?

Right now we do not have a critical mass to make change for our planet. If we can bring awareness to our youth as well as our adults in a way that is non-threatening, I feel, change can occur. An animated movie has the ability to reach millions of people to help educate the masses. We need a "Blackfish" effect to make change on how we treat this planet. Earth Friends can be that stepping stone.
By signing this, you are becoming a part of the critical mass for change

Earth Friends is a gentle yet wondrous story that tells the tale of Cara, a disillusioned and somewhat lonely child. Finding no one to play with, one day Cara is visited by a special friend.The Wind tells Cara to go outside and here she will meet all the friends she desires, friends for life. In a series of imaginative adventures Cara learns about our planet, our heritage and the true meaning of friendship.

How it will be delivered

When 100K plus signatures are obtained, I will present this petition to the CEO'S of major environmental groups and tweet entertainers that are engaged with helping this planet. I would be targeting the major players who have backers that are well known.
If organizations and environmental entertainers see that there is a demand for this movie they will see it is worth producing.

Reasons for signing

  • together when united, we can make the necessary changes happen


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