To: New Zealand Transport Authority

Extension of the 80km speed limit on SH6 through Brightwater

Extension of the 80km speed limit on SH6 through Brightwater

Extend the 80km speed limit from Brightwater south to Spring Grove

Why is this important?

With increasing development in Brightwater, the intersections between SH6 and Lord Rutherford North and South are being more heavily used. The current 100km speed limit significantly increases the risk of accidents and injury at these intersections. It can be difficult to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles, which can result in risky maneuvers on to SH6 or delays at intersections as people are hesitant to move into fast moving traffic. An extension of the 80km per hour speed limit south to Spring Grove is a small change that can be done now to help improve safety and prevent potential accidents.

Brightwater, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • Having lived in Brightwater for the past 30 years I have seen the increase in traffic throughout the area. This particular intersection is an obvious danger and the demand on it isn't as it was when the highway was built. With the future population increase caused by new subdivisions, and the increase in traffic using the highway the risk to people turning into the 100k zone is huge and is only getting worse.