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To: Otago Cosy Homes Trustees

Fossil Free Cosy Homes

Fossil Free Cosy Homes

For the sake of our kids' future, we want fossil fuels out of our Cosy Homes Trust. We ask that the Cosy Homes Trust stop any association, funding or sponsorship from NZ Oil & Gas (NZOG) or any other fossil fuel company.

Why is this important?

At a time when we know we cannot burn most of the fossil fuels already discovered, let alone explore for more if we are to retain a liveable climate for our kids, New Zealand Oil & Gas intend to explore for deep-sea oil and gas in the Clipper and Toroa Permits (PEP52717 and PEP 55794) off our coast.

We are proud of the progress Dunedin is making towards a fairer, low emissions future. Warm safe housing is an essential part of that future and we love the work of the Cosy Homes Trust, bringing warm, healthy homes to our city and region.

But NZOG has no part in that future. It is ironic that those most likely to be affected by climate change, for example in low lying South Dunedin, are those most in need of assistance from the Cosy Homes Trust, which has been partly funded by NZOG, a company that is exacerbating climate change. Accepting funding from NZOG allows them to try to improve their image and continue their destructive practices, which must end.

We thank the Trustees Gillian Bremner, Jeff Donaldson, Dr. Marion Poore, Chris Rosenbrock and Scott MacLean for the important work they do in our community and sincerely ask that at the next Trust board meeting on 26 September they vote to end their association with NZOG.


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