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To: The NZ Government

Freedom Camping rental levy

Freedom Camping rental levy

Introduce a $2.00 per day levy, collected by the rental vehicle companies and then used to build and maintain toilet facilities in areas identified by DOC and local authorities as having a problem with toilet waste being deposited.

Why is this important?

Most of the rental vehicles used by tourists do not have toilet facilities. Those that do are often dumped inappropriately. The rental companies are profiting greatly and take no responsibility for the problem. The tourists are our guests so it is right for the facilities to be provided. Approx 1.7million nights per annum are spent in rental vehicles/campers. All I ask is that the companies which profit, collect the levy and pass it on to DOC or a suitable organisation. The facilities will create employment and enhance the experience of NZ for all visitors.

Reasons for signing

  • As a tour operator for 30 years I have witnessed the rapid decline of our "clean, green countryside." More than once I have started to lead tour groups on hikes on well known tracks to be greeted by a freedom campers unconcealed excrement. This is a simple, user pays solution.
  • will create employment
  • I've signed because I own a van and all my holidays are surf road trips. We take our waste off-site and dispose of it when we find public toilets, but we are definitely in the minority - there is toilet paper and waste strewn across the countryside. I think this would be a fantastic initiative and I would love to see low impact composting toilet facilities in NZ the next time I visit.


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