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Make Auckland beaches Smokefree and get cigarette butts off our beaches

Make Auckland beaches Smokefree and get cigarette butts off our beaches

Support a bylaw so smoking is not allowed on beaches in Auckland.

Why is this important?

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide. It is estimated that 1.69 BILLION pounds of butts wind up as toxic trash each year, creating an enormous environmental, health, and economic burden.

Contrary to popular belief, cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable! Cigarette butt waste is a huge environmental issue, with a global impact -- it is both unsightly and unhealthy.

Cigarette butts leach toxins into the water and kill or injure various forms of wildlife. In addition, the plastic parts of cigarette butts can be ingested by fish, birds, whales and other marine animals. According to the Surfrider Foundation, cigarette butts are the most frequent item collected during the group's beach cleanups. The good news is that smokefree beach laws help reduce butts on beaches by 45% according to the Audubon Society.

Auckland Council is reviewing their Smokefree policy in August and deciding whether or not they should make beaches Smokefree.

Sign the petition to let Council know that you support Smokefree beaches.


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  • butts are bad for you and fish so butt off


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