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To: TVNZ, Maori TV, Prime TV ( CC: John J Campbell )

Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time

Get John Campbell Back On TV In Prime Time

Get NZ's best Current Affairs broadcaster back on air, inspiring Kiwis, righting wrongs, drawing attention to injustice and shining sunshine into places where it is unwelcome.

Why is this important?

Because New Zealanders are fed up with having their news diet dictated to them by an elite group of bankers, posers and pretenders. It is time for us to take direct action to try to get news media of the kind we need.

Because the board and management of Mediaworks who conceitedly made this decision, against all rationality, on the basis of prejudice and hubris need to have the fact that they made a huge mistake pointed out to them in style.

Because it is right that we show John Campbell, who has done so much for so many, how much we care.

New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • John set the trend for great journalism and he genuinely cared about people.
  • coz JC's a GC
  • Bring back integrity back to journalism.


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