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To: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Halt seismic testing of Taranaki moana

Hon. Kelvin Davis, Minister of Crown Māori Relations and Minister for Tourism, Parliament of New Zealand
Hon. Megan Woods, Minister of Energy and Resources, Parliament of New Zealand
Hon. James Shaw, Minister of Climate Change, Parliament of New Zealand
Hon. Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Māori Development, Parliament of New Zealand
Hon. Eugenie Sage, Minister of Conservation, Parliament of New Zealand
Marcus Jensen and Paul McDougall, Directors of Schlumberger New Zealand Limited

Tēnā koe, tēnā koutou,

The ‘Amazon Warrior’ the worlds largest seismic survey vessel is about to begin seismic blasting 19,000 square kilometres of Taranaki moana.

They will blast every 10seconds, every hour, 24hrs from November to March, towing air cannons and seismic arrays kilometres long to hunt for oil up to 4km deep in the seabed and within a couple of kilometres of the foreshore.

The previous government permitted this prior to the world famous discovery of a blue whale habitat, Taranaki moana is their only known feeding ground in Aotearoa. Taranaki moana is also the habitat of our almost extinct Popoto, the world's rarest and smallest dolphin. Both species rely on sonar to communicate and navigate.

As we face the climate change emergency all over the world, the threats to our whānau, our culture and all future generations increase with every new fossil fuel exploration permit.

We already feel the effects as the temperature rises; severe droughts causing wildfires, storms causing severe floods, sea level rise and erosion concerning our coastal Marae and communities.

Burning fossil fuels lies at the heart of this threat, and we know the whole world is preparing to transition away from oil, gas and coal to support new forms of sustainable energy as a matter of urgency.

We are calling upon you to halt seismic testing off the Taranaki coastline and cancel future oil exploration permits to support Aotearoa, New Zealand progress towards a zero carbon economy by 2050.

Why is this important?

Mass public opposition inspired the courage and mandate for our government to declare a nuclear free Aotearoa/New Zealand. We stopped nuclear warships despite huge odds, and declared our nation Nuclear Free, it’s now time to stop the Amazon Warrior. Now it is time to declare Aotearoa Seas Oil Free.

We, the people of the lands and seas of the West Coast, invite all of our relations, along with everyone in Aotearoa and across the globe who care about our oceans, and our future to sign in support.

Join us,
he mokopuna o Te Kāhui Mounga, Te Kāhui Rere, Te Kāhui Tara

Te Kāhui o Rauru
Te Korowai o Ngaaruahine
Te Kotahitanga o Te Ati Awa
Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki
Taranaki Māori Womens Network
Ngatiawa ki Taranaki Trust
Manukorihi Hapu Inc. Society
Te Hapū o Waipapa Marae
Ngaa Ariki
Friends of the Waitara River
Te Kāhui o Taranaki
Taipakee Marae
Ngaaruahine Iwi Authority
Te Ahuru Marae
Waiopapa Marae
Ngāti Rakei o Kamate
Ngāti Wai Te Kawau

Reasons for signing

  • Because We must tread LIGHTLY on the planet...WE are the Ancestors !!
  • Why is this being done? Explain the rationale for this dangerous activity
  • Save our Maunga


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