To: Queenstown Lakes District Council

Hawea Stand For Pure Water

Hawea Stand For Pure Water

We at Hawea don't want chlorination! We said so in 1987 (and paid $5000 per household to have UV water treatment instead), we voted again last month in an overwhelming majority. There is no reason to believe the upgraded UV treatment system won't do the job effectively. We love our pure, nice tasting water and want to keep it!

Why is this important?

We love our pure water and want to keep it.

Lake Hawea, Otago

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Reasons for signing

  • Chlorine is not good for you. It tastes horrible. We want a clear and pure water supply just like we've had for years.
  • Let them be.
  • Chlorination is an easy way for ourselves as a community and the councils, both ORC and QLDC to abdicate their responsibilities to keep the lake water clean.


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