To: Hutt City Council

Hutt Valley Council - Block the Offer - Say No to deep sea oil

Hutt Valley Council - Block the Offer - Say No to deep sea oil

We are calling on Hutt City Council to adopt a position of opposition to Deep Sea Oil prospecting and drilling. While we understand Hutt City Council did not make the decision to issue permits for oil exploration we nevertheless ask that Hutt City Council, as our representatives, help to ensure a future for generations still to come by making a clear statement of opposition.

Why is this important?

We ask that Hutt City Council advocate for both current and future generations by adopting a position of opposition to Deep Sea Oil prospecting and drilling. Oil companies have been given the right to prospect for oil around the coast of Hutt Valley . Consultations about Deep Sea Oil permits are with Iwi, Hapu and Local Authorities.

There are many concerns about Deep Sea Oil prospecting and drilling. The seismic surveying used to identify resources in the sea bed is known to be harmful, even fatal, to marine life and to mammals such as whales and dolphins in particular.

If oil is found and drilling starts there will be significant risks to our harbours and coastline. The wells would be significantly deeper than the one in the Gulf of Mexico, which took months to close off when there was an oil spill, and devastated the ecology and the economy of the coastal area. We must not let this happen here. The Rena disaster demonstrated how unprepared New Zealand is for a major oil spill.

Peak Oil is already here so we have to switch to different ways of living anyway. It is prudent to use the resources which are available now to move towards alternatives.

The effects of Climate Change are already being experienced and it is now fully accepted that we have to change our oil dependent lifestyles. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned of ' irreversible and dangerous' changes to the climate if the use of fossil fuels continues. Climate scientists have indicated that we must act now to avoid catastrophic climate change. It is unjustifiable to risk environmental and ecosystem damage to search for a fuel that cannot be safely used without jeopardising the future.

Oil production is not economically sustainable (extraction of a finite resource the use of which contributes to climate change could never be sustainable in any way) nor would oil production contribute at all to our local economy other than to have a potentially huge adverse impact if an accident did occur.

Oil exploration, both in terms of the immediate risk of an oil spill but also in terms of the contribution to climate change, endangers fishing – customary, commercial or recreational. Oil exploration therefore risks our economy but also people's well being. For generations people have lived off the abundance of the sea, for Tangata Whenua this is especially important as the sea is their food basket.

We ask that Hutt City Council advocate for the people and communities they serve by making a public statement of opposition to Deep Sea Oil exploration and that they express their opposition generally and on any occasion that they are consulted on this topic.

We need to take real climate action now and say NO to deep water drilling.

Reasons for signing

  • Because the exploration drilling causes sudden droppages in the ocean floor and could contribute to earthquakes.. why do you think the USA wanted us in the TPPA? Now they've got a free run on mining the ocean floor for oil..keeping potential disaster far away from their own coastline take note.. John Key will be remembered for selling the country to environment wreckers.
  • it is very urgent for the environment and the climate issues to give up oil drilling!
  • Hutt City Council is already having to develop more resilience in the face of sea level rise and storm events: say no to a governemnt policy that is just going to generate more greenhouse gas emissions. Use your power to make a submission on our behalf.


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