To: All political parties

I pledge to vote for the 1st party that promises to exit the TPP!

I pledge to vote for the 1st party that promises to exit the TPP!

I want one political party to be the first to stand up and proclaim that a vote for them is a vote to exit the TPP!

That they will actively oppose any government coalition that will not agree to exit the TPP.
They could enter into a coalition with whichever parties will agree to exit the TPP as the #1 condition of the agreement.

Why is this important?

The TPP destroys our Democracy, our Sovereignty.

The ISDS os a corporate coup d'etat.

We cannot have the government sued in a rigged tribunal for acting in the interests of the people!

The UN Human rights expert has found the TPP at odds with human rights treaties making it in breach of international treaties!

The majority of New Zealanders oppose the TPP, by signing this petition you are making it highly desirable for a political party to act in the public's wishes & best interests and agree to put their money where their mouth is and exit the TPP!

We did it with a Nuclear free stance, we can do it again and be TPP FREE!

If you want to be our representatives, then represent us! Not the US!

Note: The party must be registered, active and must make the statement loudly, clearly and publically.

Reasons for signing

  • What will it profit us to gain the riches of the world, at the expense of all our souls. In the many years I lived away, I watched as the beautiful places of the world were ruined, the majesty of the people lost to all generations. I am not the child I was when I ran away, but I remember how to fight! Aotearoa 'will not go the way of the World' while I and one other are willing to defend her. So thats why I came home 'to dig in, show my people hope and make a stand'
  • The TTP does not serve the interest of the people
  • Humanity first


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I have added a detail, the party must be a registered political party!
And they must proclaim this policy loudly and clearly!

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