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To: New Zealand Labour Party

Invest in green energy projects around Aotearoa

Invest in green energy projects around Aotearoa

Invest in green energy projects around the country in order to help protect the environment, create a self-reliant energy system, to help people get back to work and to help stimulate the economy.

Why is this important?

Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions. These gases act like a blanket, trapping heat. The result is a web of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, to drought, sea level rise, and animal extinctions.

No country in the world promotes its clean, green image as much as New Zealand, or is as reliant on its clean, green image for its exports and tourism. So in the green growth race, and it is a race, New Zealand should be out in front, leading, but we are not. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, not least of which is the view that New Zealand can have its cake and eat it too. Despite our steadfast promotion of New Zealand’s clean, green image, we continue to lag behind a number of countries in environmental indices and we continue to look for economic solutions from extractive industries such as coal and oil.

The pandemic and looming recession provides a perfect opportunity for the New Zealand government to invest heavily in the green energy section, helping us become more green-friendly, self-reliant whilst creating thousands if jobs to help stimulate the economy.

"Renewable Energy Job Boom Creates Economic Opportunity As Coal Industry Slumps"


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  • Make Hybrid and Electric cars cheaper in Auckland so more people will buy it.Allan


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