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To: Jetstar

Jetstar Please stop using single use plastic.

Jetstar Please stop using single use plastic.

Please stop using single use plastics, as they are detrimental to the health of the planet.

Why is this important?

The amount of plastic building up in the environment, with more and more plastic accumulating in the ocean is upsetting.

New Zealand does not have the facilities to recycle it, and the world has too much plastic to be able to keep up, we need to stop producing and using single use plastics.

Just recently, Air New Zealand announced all single use plastics would be removed from their flights within the next 12 months.

We commend Air New Zealand for this positive change towards a healthier planet and a more sustainable future for Aotearoa. We now challenge Jetstar to also make the same commitment.

What do you say Jetstar will you also make the change for a healthier planet?

Reasons for signing

  • Beautiful Papatuanuku.We,as HUMANITY are the reprentatives Of the SPIRITUAL expression of Mother Earth.
  • It's great Jetstar allow BYO meals so why not also go single-use plastic-free. Do the right thing Jetstar :) You could carbon offset all your flights too :) :)
  • I think it's REALLY important that we deal with all superfluous plastic right NOW


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