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Kaikoura's big businesses need support as well

Kaikoura's big businesses need support as well

For all businesses in Kaikoura to receive government business package support including the large companies who are so pivotal to Kaikoura ongoing tourism and support for the sea life. Including whale Watch, and the saw mill who employ so many.

Why is this important?

This interview actually brought me and a friend to tears. Have a listen on RNZ to the interview with Dennis Buureman. What Dolphin Encounter, Whale Watch and these other large businesses have done for Kaikoura with bringing in tourists and providing work is immense. What Dennis and his team at Dolphin Encounter have done for Kaikoura over his lifetime is massive, what the Encounter Foundation has done in the community is huge. The amount of work Lynette and Ian have done over many years is a massive investment in the town as well. Not to mention their many lifelong staff.

Whale Watch is also a huge draw card to Kaikoura who offer huge employment opportunities.

We need to find away to get John Key to help these main stays in Kaikoura because it goes back generations. These are not just businesses. They are families and their life's work which feeds the whole community and other businesses. Without these links in the chain the town doesn't work. And Whale Watch also has the same levels of contribution to the entire community.

Kaikoura, Canterbury

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Reasons for signing

  • Dolphin Encounter and Whale watch run amazing businesses that support a lot of families and locals in Kaikoura and show the best of New Zealand to the world.
  • As a visiting tourist to NZ, my visit was made successful by all the tour guides and activities I did while in NZ. These businesses allowed me to see the beauty that is NZ. They need to be supported.


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