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To: Auckland Council

Keep all of Saunders Reserve as Esplanade and Recreation Reserve

We ask the Council to retain the status quo or alter status from Esplanade to Recreation Reserve for Saunders Reserve, 26, Saunders Place, Rosebank, Avondale, for only the small non-complying part of building footprint.

Enhance passive recreation opportunities within the Saunders Reserve and the adjacent Kurt Brehmer walkway for growing population of Avondale.

Why is this important?

Auckland Council wants to lift part of the Reserve status for Saunders Reserve, 26, Saunders Place, Rosebank, Avondale. Saunders Reserve is the only Reserve in Avondale with mature established bush, adjacent to the Whau River.

The Reserve Act 1977 gives stronger protection for generations to come than the Local Government Act 2002.

Council proposes revoking Reserve status to legitimise commercial activity being undertaken by Westend Rowing Club who currently leases part of the Reserve. Also part of the club’s building extends onto the Esplanade Reserve area, which is not tolerated by the Reserves Act.

Avondale is critically short on publicly accessible park space. Saunders Reserve will be the “jewel in the crown” for a future walkway around the Rosebank Peninsula. Future proof this Reserve for you, your whanau and generations to come.

This could set a precedent. Auckland Council needs to know the people of Auckland do not want the status of more Reserves downgraded, leased to private groups for commercial gain and in some cases sold off.

Reserves for the people not commercial gain

How it will be delivered

Hearing is to be held 31st October 2018 at Whau Local Board office, 31 Totara Ave, 9.30am

Avondale, Auckland

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Reasons for signing

  • Important to keep nz green
  • All land belongs to community. No 'authority has the right to privatise common land to developers for profit
  • Bush is for preservation. Not for selling to subdividers.


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