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Let's get more car-free days in the city!

Let's get more car-free days in the city!

In view of the current climatic circumstances and their global challenges, it goes without saying that certain decisions must be taken to alleviate even a little our future ordeal.

Why is this important?

Everyone will have to put in their own in order to start a certain change.

Here is, in fact, a proposal that would be a good start to engage the population in a simple way and without modifying their habits too much: Increase the number of days without a car to at least one per month.

In fact, we believe that motivating the population to use non-motorized vehicles and means of transport more often has a lot of advantages such as limiting CO2 in the atmosphere, developing projects in favor of the climate and air quality in Brussels.

It has long been established that global warming is on the increase due to excessive industrial activity by humans.

For more than a century, the levels of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone on the surface of the globe have risen sharply. This increase is such that it today seriously disturbs ecosystems around the world.

Whether it is to grow food, extract minerals, move around or simply produce energy, man pollutes the air / water by using more and more new technologies which seem effective to us but which in reality damage our environment and distance us from the goods of nature.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop selling diesel cars and make cars at sales all hybrid to reduce climate change.Allan
  • Let's get more car-free days in the city!