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To: Waitemata Local Board

Make Meola Road Safe! New Zebra Crossing

Make Meola Road Safe! New Zebra Crossing

We want a new pedestrian crossing on Meola Road so that our students can be safe when crossing the busy road.

This is very important as students are constantly at risk of being hit by a car while crossing the road to walk home or catch a bus. The safety measures that we currently have are insufficient in protecting our students.

Why is this important?

Meola Road can be a busy road, that gets very dangerous for school kids trying to cross the street to catch their bus. We are concerned for all our students who are putting themselves in danger by crossing such a busy road. Mistakes can be made, and we don't want to be compromising our own safety.

Meola Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland

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Reasons for signing

  • free 6ix9ine
  • While the crossing lights on St Lukes Rd slow the traffic down a bit , safety for our people is better
  • I drive to work and back home each day along Meola Rd - there should have been a crossing here years ago


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