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To: The Governemnt

Make the 10th July a public holiday

Make the 10th July a public holiday

Make the 10 July a public holiday and Monday-ise it

Why is this important?

The 10th of July should be made a New Zealand public holiday because on the 10th July 1985 French secret agents, posing as interested supporters or tourists toured the Rainbow Warrior. Later they planted a bomb on the hull of the ship. When the bomb detonated it sank the boat and killed crewmember Fernando Pereira.

This tragic event was the spark that ignited the anti Nuclear movement in New Zealand and helped to define a great part of the New Zealand identity.

The sinking of the Rainbow warrior is as much a part of New Zealand's great history as is the Queen's (official) birthday.

We should use this year, the 30th anniversary of that fateful day, to remember and to set into law the 30th of July as a public holiday.

Reasons for signing

  • Strong supporter of anything to look after our oceans and to save the whales also rainbow warrior and sea shepherd


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