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To: KidsCan and Office of the Children's Commissioner

National Fundraiser for Child Poverty in New Zealand.

My proposal is to try and start a fundraising campaign in which New Zealander's from all walks of life, help children living in poverty by choosing to give up an activity for 24 hours, in return for monetary sponsorship which will be forwarded to the Office of the Children's Commissioner or KidsCan.

Why is this important?

Despite the government and many other organisations doing as much as they can, we still need more support to overcome aspects of child poverty in New Zealand therefore every dollar raised will contribute in diminishing this crisis. This issue is important because on a daily basis I see many kids suffering in my school. I have had first hand exposure to a lot of students that are going through this and it is my personal experience. I have many friends who don't dress warmly during the very cold months because they cannot afford the school jumpers and therefore wear their short sleeve shirts only. Growing up I've been surrounded by students who would come to school without lunch, simply because they did not have enough food at home. I, myself have not personally been through child poverty but during winter I wear many layers of clothing and still feel cold to the point where I cannot concentrate at school and it only makes me more sympathetic to the students who have less than I do, but have no way to improve their situation.

Reasons for signing

  • So we can all help the children in poverty


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