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To: The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Negotiate a Green / National Coalition Government

Negotiate a Green / National Coalition Government

In addition to any other coalition arrangements that they may wish to negotiate, we ask The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand to also enter into serious negotiations with the National Party with the objective of forming a Green / National coalition government.

Why is this important?

New Zealanders are concerned about protecting our natural environment, no matter what our political stripe. Following the 2017 election, it is critical that The Green Party enter into serious negotiations with *all* potential coalition partners to add a voice for the environment to whatever government forms. This includes National. We recognise that Green Party social and economic policies differ significantly from National, but ask that the Green Party negotiate with National on environmental matters where agreement is clearly possible.

Green Voters: Please sign this petition if you are an existing Green supporter or voter that wants the party to prioritise the opportunity to make a positive, lasting difference for the environment over other policies. Please sign if you will support the party through this, knowing that sometimes it's not possible to meet all policy objectives at the same time.

Non-Green Voters: Please sign this petition if you would vote for a Green Party that shows it can work with governments of all stripes to achieve positive environmental outcomes.

Everyone: Please sign this petition whether you want the Green Party to move permanently to the centre or simply to give a Green / National coalition a one-time shot. Our message is that political parties do not exist merely to perpetuate themselves but sometimes have to put everything on the line to make a critical difference.

The Green Party received 126,995 votes (pending specials) - let's beat that!

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Reasons for signing

  • Can't hurt to negotiate! Can hurt to prioritise the party over the outcome... so what if coalition deals always hurt smaller parties in the long run? Achievements count more that avoiding a need to rebuild!


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2017-09-27 17:47:42 +1300

This one on is basically doing the same thing and already has more signatures... maybe go there...