To: Mayor and CEO of Mackenzie District Council, and Hon. David Parker, Minister for the Environment

No commercial motorised activity on Lake Pukaki, Mackenzie Basin, NZ - SIGN PETITION

No commercial motorised activity on Lake Pukaki, Mackenzie Basin, NZ - SIGN PETITION

Keep Lake Pukaki, our national treasure and New Zealand’s spiritual lake leading up to Aoraki/Mount Cook, free from commercial motorised activity on the Lake.We believe commercial motorised activity will compromise the ecological, cultural, peaceful and spiritual nature of this special area. The RMA and Mackenzie District Plan should ensure that Lake Pukaki is maintained as a culturally significant and peaceful area of natural quiet. We, the undersigned would like to see Lake Pukaki designated as an area free of commercial motorised activity on the southern half of Lake Pukaki.

Why is this important?

Lake Pukaki is identified as a Site of Natural Significance in the Mackenzie District Plan. It has features that can be viewed from the visitor center and carpark that are designated as Outstanding Natural Landscape, and in a submission to the Plan Change 13 Council hearings, Lake Pukaki was identified as a site of cultural significance to Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu. It is a mecca for tourists visiting New Zealand, with an estimated 1,000,000+ visitors each year stopping at the car park and visitors center at the southern end of the lake to view and photograph the Te Wainuipounamu World Heritage area, including Aoraki Mt Cook which is located at the northern end of the lake. This experience is culturally significant, peaceful and spectacularly beautiful. Protect our beautiful lake and ensure it remains pure and pristine for all New Zealanders.

1. Lake Pukaki is a very spiritual lake to the Waitaha, Ngai Tahu, and all of us, who have been moved by it, touched by it and listened to it. As such, it deserves our protection, our guardianship, and our greatest respect.
2. At the south end of Lake Pukaki, one can view the sublime beauty of the lake and New Zealand’s highest mountain at the head of it. It is one of the most stunning sights in the country and it is seen from the south end of Lake Pukaki, with the Ben Ohau Range alongside.
3. Nowhere else is this view possible in New Zealand. National and International photography groups and millions of others come to visit the Mackenzie just for this view.
4. It is the jewel in the crown of the Mackenzie Country and its pristine, ever-changing views are spellbinding to locals and visitors alike. Millions of visitors from New Zealand and overseas flock here for that view.
5. Noisy vessels in this picture plying the edges of this dangerous lake, where strong winds whip up with little warning, and particularly in the south end where people stop, will destroy this for local and overseas visitors.
6. It would be sensible and fair of the MDC to ensure that tourism activities in this sensitive landscape were appropriate and fitted well with what is already here and what is driving millions to include this area in their itinerary. Also New Zealanders flock to this tranquil area for similar reasons.
7. The Mackenzie is not Queenstown. But Queenstown restricts certain activities in areas that disturb others. So does the Department of Conservation. Areas of the Mackenzie such as the Hooker Track and the Hooker Valley are designated Quiet Zones, free from motorised transport, boats and aircraft, so people can experience the beautiful quiet. It is not to say that the Mackenzie shouldn’t have motorised activities, but this should be in an area that is already accepted as having the motorised forms of transport.
8. Lakes in NZ have become severely polluted due to boat traffic on pristine lakes. Commercial activities bring more danger of pollution.] Lake Wakatipu and Lake Wanaka are experiencing severe problems. Thankfully, neither Lake Pukaki or Lake Tekapo are afflicted by this, which is almost certainly because of the absence of COMMERCIAL boat traffic. We must all work to protect our water in these pristine lakes.
9. Motorised commercial operation of craft on Lake Pukaki would do great harm to the tourism industry because the Mackenzie is about the space, the night sky, the tranquillity, the stunning quiet, and the beauty of our pristine, spiritual lakes and our spectacular Southern Alps. These are all activities that complement our natural beauty, without intruding on what others have already created and are the best option for this stunning part of the country, particularly around Lake Pukaki.
10. Lake Pukaki is becoming increasingly valuable as a tourism attraction, simply due to its beauty and space, leading up to Aoraki and also due to the increasing scarcity of pure, unpolluted lakes in our country. There is nothing else in the world, or in our country, like it. There is only one Aoraki Mount Cook and only one lake leading up to it. Tourism needs to be sustainable and allowing commercial motorized activity on Lake Pukaki will soon destroy the very thing that people come to see.
11. Visitors here escape from their increasingly overcrowded countries and gaze upon our mountains and lakes, feeling a great sense of great calm in doing so. Kiwis do too. Let’s keep it that way for them, for this will become increasingly precious and will continue to be the magical drawing card to the Mackenzie providing we protect our beautiful lake and ensure it remains pure and pristine for all New Zealanders.

Reasons for signing

  • There is little left in New Zealand which is unspoilt. The unspoilt nature of New Zealand is what brings people here in the first place.
  • I agree this lake should be kept for its beauty, peace and respect to Mt Aoraki
  • Not everything needs to be marketed, turned into commercial gain or be of accessibility to everybody...sometimes its just nice to respect nature and leave her alone! Just appreciate the quiet for once....Stop the nonsense of mass commercial tourism!


2018-03-03 14:19:51 +1300

Hello from Lake Pukaki

Submissions on Plan Change 19 will be closing THIS FRIDAY on the 9 March 2018. We hope you will have a little time to make a submission in support of the rule changes for Lake Pukaki. Council are proposing that motorised craft be prohibited on Lake Pukaki which is exciting news. However, it is important that we let them know we are in support of the new rules.

Your submission must be made on Form 5 but if you are not used to 'Council Speak', we have put together a simple FORM 5 which you can download and edit for your submission. This has some sections pre-written and you will be able to edit the document. FORM:

If the preservation of Lake Pukaki is important to you, please make a submission in support of the new PC19 rules. Your completed submissions can be emailed to with the following subject line: FORM 5 SUBMISSION ON PLAN CHANGE 19.

Thank you to everyone who has already made a submission!

2017-09-16 12:16:40 +1200

Mackenzie District Council have released consultation documents in relation to Surface Water Activities in the Rural Zone. This is a direct result of your support of the petition to protect Lake Pukaki from commercial motorised operations, thank you!

But we have more work to do. Now is the time to make your concerns heard directly to Council. Protection of Lake Pukaki from inappropriate tourism activity is a priority if we are to preserve and protect this natural landscape.

The Council is seeking your feedback so they can make decisions on new or amended provisions in the Mackenzie District Plan. Here is the link to their website and the plan change documents:

Consultation closes on Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Let’s make this happen!

Thank you for your support.

Pukaki Quiet Zone Supporters
Protecting Lake Pukaki for future generations.

2017-06-08 14:01:43 +1200

Lake Pukaki makes the Metro (UK) list of '21 pictures that will make you want to head to New Zealand right now'. We hope beyond hope that in 50 years time, Lake Pukaki will still be making a list like this because it is still pure and visually unpolluted. Help us to achieve this by signing the petition.

2017-04-14 13:17:39 +1200

Pukaki as it is
We have created a video to show Pukaki as it is now, pure, unpolluted, quiet and an outstanding landscape for all to enjoy. In this increasingly noisy and polluted world, please help us to preserve Lake Pukaki for future generations by sharing the link to this video with your friends and family. Thank you again for your support.

2017-04-02 08:39:30 +1200

This news item is on another conservation topic (The Selwyn River), but, as so many news items and advertisments do, features Lake Pukaki and Aorkai Mt Cook as the 'jewel in the crown' of New Zealand. It is recognised as a pristine environment, please help us to keep it this way.

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1,000 signatures reached

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Lake Pukaki is recognised as one of the 8 most stunning lakes in New Zealand...


New Zealand is far from the rest of the world, with it’s incredible geographic history New Zealand is a tourist hotspot, for its astounding landscapes and scenery. Below is 8 of the Most Stunning Lakes in New Zealand. "

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Do we want to compromise this?

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Press Release: 21/11/2016
Is the Mackenzie about to kill the goose that lay the golden egg?

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