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To: Mayor Phil Goff

No mega landfill in Dome Valley

Reject the resource consent that would allow the landfill in Dome Valley.

The Dome Valley is not the ideal place for a landfill due to environmental, climate conditions and traffic risks. There must be a better alternative.

Why is this important?

The Dome Valley is not the ideal place for a landfill due to environmental, climate conditions and traffic risks.

The proposed mega landfill is to service Auckland and Northland's waste landfill for the next 30 years and beyond.

It is situated in a high river valley of 156 hectares with a tributary of the Hoteo running through the bottom of it. This runs into the Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand' s biggest harbour and main breeding ground for many species of fish and bird including 80 % snapper stocks traced back to Kaipara.

The proposal includes up to 300 truck/ trailers per day transporting waste to Dome Valley on SH 1. At present an area of native forest, and multitude of waterways that flood with extreme rain events common in the Dome. This area is a haven to many endangered species (native) including the very rare and unique Hochstetters frog.

Dome Valley

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Reasons for signing

  • This landfill WILL be devastating for the Kaipara harbour and the surrounding forest and waterways. One of our few remaining regenerating forests is set to have a mega rubbish dump in it, to make money for a Chinese corporate! Insane!!! I can’t believe it is even being considered. New Zealand markets itself globally as pure and green, we had better start working as people to take care of our environment, because it’s obvious to me that by even considering this project, our officials are not!
  • Hate beef and animals and dairy vegan dairy ditty’s our water beef farmer created inhuman condition for animal to be slaughter they use to many of our natural resources and cut our rainforest down
  • The potential for waste pollution to flow down to the Hoteo and out to the Kaipara is very real with devastating results. Small groups have been working hard for years planting etc to protect this massive harbour. Don't let it be destroyed by our rubbish...there has got to be safer places to have a refuse station.


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