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To: NPDC Mayor Neil Holdom, TRC Chairman David MacLeod, Transport Minister Phil Twyford, Assoc. Min. of Transport Julie-anne Genter, the Minister for the Environment and Minister of Conservation

No Mt Messenger Bypass - save Mangapēpeke Valley

No Mt Messenger Bypass - save Mangapēpeke Valley

We strongly urge you to decline consent to NZTA's proposed Mt Messenger Bypass. This new road will destroy 44.4 hectares of indigenous forest and wetlands, home to dozens of threatened or at-risk endemic species including North Island Brown Kiwi, the 'threatened-nationally vulnerable' Archey's frog and the 'nationally-vulnerable' NZ Long-tail Bat.

It is time to move on from fossil road projects and create a vibrant, sustainable Taranaki economy. An upgrade of the existing road makes far more sense.

Why is this important?

This new road will damage the "physically, spiritually and socially significant" Mimitangiatua River and Mangapēpeke Stream of Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama and Poutama. It will destroy 44.4 hectares of indigenous forest and wetlands that are home to dozens of threatened native species such as the North Island Brown Kiwi, Archey's frog, Long-tail Bats, Fernbirds, North Island Robins, Giant Kōkopu and Shining Cuckoo.

This proposal is opposed by the Department of Conservation, Forest & Bird and landowners who are being forced from their homes. Some iwi are yet to be fully consulted and other iwi are still deciding, being so far unsatisfied with mitigation offers.

Mangapēpeke means 'frog stream' and frogs are a well known environmental health indicator species. No amount of proposed tree planting and pest control can mitigate the damage actual forest removal and pest introduction this road will cause.

The 'bypass' should not go ahead. It makes no sense to destroy ancient forest communities just so cars and trucks can get from A to B a few minutes quicker. The touted safety improvements do not stack up when well-known fog and black ice in the proposed area is taken into account. Nor when increased speeds will also increase accident rates. The age of large truck transportation is coming to an end as fossil fuels become ethically unaffordable. So let's be practical, do we really need a brand new $200million road?

It is time to move on from fossil road projects and create a vibrant, sustainable Taranaki economy. An upgrade of the existing road makes far more sense.

How it will be delivered

Public submissions are to be heard on June 11 in New Plymouth where we will deliver this petition to the decision makers: New Plymouth District Council and Taranaki Regional Council. We will also email the Ministers of Parliament.

If you want to know more about the proposed road plans click the link here to see NZTA's resource consent application

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Reasons for signing

  • This is not right, they wanna send big corporate thugs to intimidate, well we will send in our thugs to Protect the Pascalls.. Time to STANDUP Aotearoa !
  • Te Ture Whenua Act protective rights from being alienated from your land whakapapa lineage by birth right.
  • We too lost a home under different circumstances but were bullied and out of pocket. My heart goes out to the caretakers of this priceless piece of history, it must be preserved it must be.


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2018-08-08 12:42:04 +1200

Hīkoi carrying petition to New Plymouth District Council Chambers, meet 12:30 Puke Ariki Landing.

If wet and windy, meet 12:45 outside NPDC entrance.

First speakers 1pm. Last speaker finished by 2:45pm if you wish to stay.

2018-08-08 11:50:00 +1200

So after several postponements the court hearing started this week.

LAST CHANCE TO SIGN : Update from Marie Doorbar in the Mt Messenger Bypass court case today "I'm in hearing now... Forest and bird maintain their stance on asking for commissioner to decline consents...DoC giving evidence now and using a lot of law and other examples around the country where this is not doable... Bats are a huge concern as the experts say this will have huge effect on them."

We're speaking tomorrow after lunch so this is your last chance to sign the petition that we'll be handing in then. Please share the link below with friends and whanau NOW. Ngā mihinui!

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New report slams project...

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Media interest already without even contacting them :) Click this link to see story in Taranaki Daily News 15 May

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