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To: Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council.


We ask the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council to advocate for both current and future generations by adopting a position of opposition to Toxic Mining, Prospecting and Drilling in Puhipuhi.

Why is this important?

WATER !!! Our life force. Clean Water is our right to Survival !!!
The effects of Toxic Hard Rock Mining and Drilling will upset an already natural imbalance with the further distribution of Mercury that is already there.
The level of toxins and waste from mining will be catastrophic to the neighbouring areas, rivers, harbours and sea.
It is unjustifiable to risk health, environmental, ecosystem devastation along with farming and crop growing.
The effects of toxic waste are already being experienced and the damage is irreversible and life threatening.
For generations people have pumped water from springs and bores to drink and still do drink from springs and bores.
Toxic Mining eliminates all use of water which is a necessary life support for all living beings.
We ask that the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council advocates for the people and communities they serve by making a public statement of opposition to Toxic Mining in Puhipuhi and they express their opposition generally and on any occasion they are consulted on this topic.

We need to take real action now and say No to Toxic Mining.

Puhipuhi Whakapara Northland

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Reasons for signing

  • Our environment is in our care for future generations. Our government poisoning mentality needs to be buried!
  • Because destroying the environment and water sources for greedful purposes is INSANE.
  • To stop this from happening


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