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To: NZ First

Back the clean car feebate

Back the clean car feebate

Speculation is emerging that New Zealand First is considering blocking the Government's ‘Clean Car Feebate’ -- a policy designed to make electric and low emission vehicles cheaper by adding extra cost to high emission vehicles.

We’re calling on New Zealand First to back the feebate policy.

This is an opportunity to be part of a meaningful climate emissions reduction scheme that is desperately needed to begin reducing Aotearoa’s transport emissions and acting on the climate crisis - a crisis causing devastating bushfires and driving hundreds of thousands of people to the streets.

Why is this important?

Transport is responsible for 39% of Aotearoa's carbon emissions, and measures to reduce pollution from high-emissions vehicles are a key step towards the urgent climate action New Zealand needs to take.

The scheme is broadly supported by environment groups, the Productivity Commission, the Motor Industry Association, and New Zealanders across the country.

If we are to ensure a liveable planet for ourselves and for future generations, every nation and every Government must take action to reduce emissions, and that includes a transition to a transport fleet powered by clean, renewable energy.

New Zealand First has made a commitment to the Zero Carbon Act, and this must be honoured through backing the clean car feebate.

The election is approaching, and New Zealanders prioritize environmental policies in deciding their vote. New Zealand First must honour their commitment to the Zero Carbon Act and support the clean car rebate.

How it will be delivered

To be advised!

Reasons for signing

  • Put more electric buses in Auckland and make electric and hybrid cars cheaper.Please reply Allan
  • I'm just sick of huge utes all through the city. So many of those purchases are wants, not needs and buyers can afford to subsidise more responsible vehicle choices for others with a bit more social conscious.
  • Simple logic and fairness, plus the welfare of our children and the world demand constructive attention and action on such environmental issues.


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