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NZ sea lions are the rarest in the world. Help save them.

NZ sea lions are the rarest in the world. Help save them.

1. Commission an urgent independent review of the management of NZ sea lions.
2. Increase the size of the existing no trawl marine mammal sanctuary around the Auckland Islands past the 12 nautical mile mark to include waters up to 500m deep, as this would protect key foraging areas particularly important to lactating female NZ sea lions.
3. Reduce the fishing quota for killed sea lions closer to zero and apply it to all fisheries, as NZ sea lions are also caught in some other fisheries, including southern blue whiting and scampi.
4. Switch the SQU6T fishery from trawling to jigging, which is an alternative fishing method which allows for squid to be caught in a way unlikely to kill any NZ sea lions, seabirds and other by-catch associated with this fishery.
5. Transfer squid quota from the SQU6T sub-Antarctic area into other areas.
6. Establish a no-trawl marine mammal sanctuary around Campbell Island out to the 12 nautical mile limit.
7. Develop a population management plan so NZ sea lions can be managed under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, rather than the Fisheries Act, which would allow NZ sea lions to ‘achieve a non-threatened status as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within 20 years’.

Why is this important?

A DoC study reveals our nationally critical New Zealand sea lions are likely to become extinct within our lifetime (23 years) at the current levels of by-catch.

Reasons for signing

  • I don't want to see another creature of our beautiful planet be extinct.


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